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African Great Lakes Events Roundup: 2004-2005

By following the links below, you will learn about the events and get the news that shook the African Great Lakes Region in the period of 2004 -2005. You will find how news and events makers have shaped the destiny of the nations and the peoples in the region that encompasses the following countries and states: Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire or Congo-Kinshasa), Kenya, Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa.
Among the key news and events makers are: FDLR/FOCA Colonel Karegeya, FDLR/FOCA Colonel Bizimana, Paul Kagame, Rwandan Patriotic Army, Joseph Kabila, FDLR, UN Security Council, MONUC, FDLR/FOCA/CMC Major Seraphin Bizimungu, Amani, Rwanda Patriotic Front, RPA, RPF, International Crisis Group (ICG), Michel Bagaragaza, ICTR, Arusha, Jean Pierre Bemba, Burundi, Domitian Ndayizeye, Colonel Patrick Karegeya, ALIR, Mayi-Mayi, FDLR/FOCA/RPA General Paul Rwarakabije, Colonel Mutebusi, Paul Rusesabagina, Gerald Gahima, Theogene Rudasingwa, FOCA, Colonel Bemera, Interahamwe, ex-FAR, Human Rights Watch, Laurent Nkunda, United States of America (USA), RUD-Urunana, RPR, Tutsi, Hutu, Norway, FDLR/FOCA Colonel Bemera.
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Ex-FOCA Col. Karegeya and Bizimana disappear. December 3, 2005
Michael Bagaragaza, Tea, and DesForges’s connection. December 3, 2005
FDLR logistics commander deserts. November 23, 2005
Major Amani deserted by his second in command. November 23, 2005
ICG accuses Kabila and Bemba of corruption. November 17, 2005
Rusesabagina and Ntakirutimana launch party without Rwigema. November 10, 2005
Rusesabagina, Aretha, Ali, Robinson honored. November 7, 2005
UN Security Council hits FDLR leaders. November 6, 2005
Kabila orders Congolese Army to hunt down Murwanashyaka. November 5, 2005
UN Security Council to review cases against FDLR Leaders November 4, 2005
ICG: UN Sanctions against Murwanashyaka, Mudacumura, Mugaragu October 30, 2005
Rwanda: Col. Ndengeyinka joins RUD; Maj. Ntashamaje, RPR October 30, 2005
Belgium: Rusatira to launch a club of ex-FAR in Belgium October 27, 2005
Rusesabagina’s new party implodes before launch. October 25, 2005
Fear Grips Rwandans after launch of armed opposition group. October 24, 2005
Rwanda: Rwandan Government Forces implode: the secret behind RPR. October 19, 2005
Rwanda: Maj. Seraphin Bizimungu surrenders his troops to Kagame. October 12, 2005
Rwanda: The rise and fall of General Munyakazi. October 4, 2005
Burundi: who killed Interior Minster Simon Nyandwi? September 18, 2005
Rusesabagina, Rwigema, Ntakirutimana launch party on Nov 5. September 17, 2005
Rusesabagina, Kamongi, Rwigema, Ntakirutimana launch party. September 11, 2005
DRC: Col.Kanyandekwe, Gen.Mudacumura’s deputy, tries to defect. September 11, 2005
DRC: Murwanashyaka asked Kabira US$ 6.5million, emails reveal. September 10, 2005
Bukavu: Col. Amani and Emm. Hakizimana fail to fulfil promises September 9, 2005
NewYork: Bruxelles’s and Vatican’s role in Father Theunis’ case September 8, 2005
Baltimore: Greetings From AfroAmerica Network Editor September 6, 2005
Rwanda: The Truth Behind the Rift within Hutu Rebels Ranks July 15, 2005
USA: Rwandan Rebel Group designated Terrorist by State Department May 12, 2005
Rwanda: Col. Patrick Karegeya: the demise of an RPF pillar. May 12, 2005
Rwanda: Generals Nyamwasa and Kazura’s trials and tribulations. May 2, 2005
Hutu Rebels Commanders and Troops Rejects Rome pledges. April 16, 2005
Burundi: Domitian Ndayizeye denied the right to dictatorship. Jan 26, 2005
Rwanda: Kagame holds crisis meeting with senior leaders. Jan 21, 2005
Rwanda: Has the time for Kagame to negotiate finally arrived? Jan 12, 2005
Bukavu: Mayi-Mayi kill 40 Rwandan troops. Jan 12, 2005
Arusha: Prof. Reyntgens suspends cooperation with ICTR over RPF crimes Jan 11, 2005
Kivu: Rwandan Rebels hand over 4 RPA soldiers to FARDC Jan 7, 2005
Kivu: MONUC authorises the use of force against Rwandan Rebels. Jan 5, 2005
NY: UN First Black Secretary General’s days numbered over corruption Dec.5, 2004
Fresh from training abroad, ex-ALIR lead RPA invasion of the DRC. Dec.3, 2004
Africa: a summit of dictators to legitimize their regimes. Nov. 20, 2004
Rwanda: RPF reintroduces the banned collective work Umuganda. Nov. 16, 2004
Rwanda: Armed Groups Vie to Take On the RPF Regime. Nov. 14, 2004
Rwandan Rebels given two months to disarm; vow to fight on. Nov. 12, 2004
Atlanta: Comeback sister, Cynthia McKinney wins big. Nov. 03, 2004
Vienna: Nshimyimana-Neuberg elected City Council member. Oct. 30, 2004
Kigali: Does Kagame finally get General Kayumba Oct. 18, 2004
Kigali: Gen. Rwarakabije heads Army Commission; Comrades unhappy Sept. 27, 2004
DRC: Colonel Mutebutsi Killed? September 25, 2004
Rwanda: In the volcano foothills II: Military Situation September 14, 2004
Rwanda: In the volcano foothills I: Political Situation. September 13, 2004
Rwanda: School Principal beaten to death in Rambura. September 4, 2004
Rwanda: Rwandan opposition implodes into pieces: Part 1 FDLR. September 3, 2004
Washington, DC: Obama: From goat shepherd to shepherd of men. September 2, 2004
New York: UN/MONUC increases Pressure on Rwandan Rebels. August 28, 2004
Bukavu: General Nkunda tries to seize Bukavu from Kahuzi-Biega Park. August 27, 2004
Gisenyi: Rebels kill scores of RPA officers;Kagame sets sight on premier. May 17, 2004
DRC: Rumors of coup as RPA hunts down refugees and Congolese. May 10, 2004
Rwanda: Daily Clashes Between Rwandan Troops and Rebels April 26, 2004
Rwanda:Northwest under siege; USA issue travel warning. April 19, 2004
Rwanda: 1994 Remembered; 10 Years of blame. April 10, 2004
USA: Cynthia McKinney Announces Bid for Reelection. March 27, 2004
Rwanda: Black Box Mystery: UN and Koffi Annan cannot be trusted. March 21, 2004
Rwanda: Kagame sacked close aids to fight Bruguiere Inquiry. March 18, 2004
Rwanda: Rwarakabije in Kami Military Jail. February 27, 2004
Rwanda: After Gahima, his brother Rudasingwa . February 23, 2004
Rwanda: Kabarebe sick again; General Nyamwasa free to act. February 14, 2004
DRC:FLEC becomes a reality and starts operations. February 12, 2004
Rwanda: Kagame’s circle implodes over Rwarakabije. January 23, 2004
DRC: NGO IRC official accused of role in Kabila’s assassination? January 10, 2004
Rwanda: What happened to Colonel Bemera? January 3, 2004

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