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General Kazura Allegedly Implicated in Assassination Attempt

The saga of the assassination attempt  on  the exiled Rwandan General Kayumba Nyamwasa may have taken another twist,  according to sources in South Africa and Rwanda.  These sources told AfroAmerica Network that  the South African police has already the group of six suspects, mostly ex Rwandan Patriotic Army officers, talking. The suspects are allegedly implicating General Jean Bosco Kazura as the  ring leader of the conspiracy to assassinate the  Rwandan General Kayumba Nyamwasa.

According to the same sources, it appears that General Jean Bosco Kazura was sent on a mission by the Rwandan Government to travel to South Africa and organize the assassination while the South African police was busy  with the opening of the FIFA Soccer World Cup.

After the death squad was put in place,  General Jean Bosco Kazura quickly returned to Rwanda, leaving the  squad  under the command of Francis Gakwerere.  To divert the attention, the Rwandan Department of Military Intelligence arrested General Jean Bosco Kazura upon his return. The motive of the arrest was to be able to deny the involvement of the Rwandan government in case  the  assassination attempt was discovered by the South African security services.

Contrary to the usually secrecy within the RPF,  the arrest of General Kazura, under the pretext of unauthorized trip outside the county by a high ranking military officer, was publicized allegedly to create a smokescreen.

If  these allegations turn out to be true,  the South African and Rwandan Government may be facing a serious diplomatic row.

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