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Kagame and Kabila: on the river of blood

President Joseph Kabila, the ruler of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),  welcomed General Kagame of Rwanda in Kinshasa today for the celebration  of the 50th anniversary of Congolese independence.

AfroAmerica Network had decided not to cover the event, which is really a non-event for most congolese: there is nothing much to celebrate about.

To add insult to injury, one may wonder how the President of a country has the stomach to roll out a red carpet for someone, anyone, who has butchered more than 5 millions congolese in the last decade or so. The red carpet in the picture above reminds us of the blood of the innocent Congolese shed by the Rwandan dictator, General Paul Kagame.

Like the red carpet, the blood of innocent Congolese people seems to be only a path to the goals.  And like the red color of the carpet, the river of blood  cries out.

The  Rwandan dictator may not be allowed to trample on the blood of the Congolese forever: one must be, one day, held accountable.

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