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South Africa Police Confirms Kayumba Nyamwasa Escaped Second Assassination Attempt

Durban, South Africa.

As the Spanish  judiciary, after the nod from the Spanish Cabinet on Friday September 17, 2010,  is formally  seeking the extradition to Spain of the former Rwandan General Faustin Nyamwasa, the South African Police has confirmed today that  foreign operatives failed a second assassination attempt on him while in a Johannesburg hospital. General Kayumba Nyamwasa  had been a victim of the first  assassination attempt on June 19, 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa where he has sought exile (see our article here ).

After the first assassination attempt, the  South African Government pointed a finger to intelligence operatives from Rwanda as responsible for the failed assassination. The accusation led to a strain in the two governments relations. The South African Government eventually recalled its Ambassador to Rwanda (see our article here   and here).

According to South African  State prosecutor Malose Samuel Monene, it was when General Nyamwasa was recuperating from gun wounds that one of the Rwandan operatives, Pascal Kanyandekwe, sought to strangle him.
In the total ten suspects, mostly from Rwanda, are held in South African prisons, accused of conspiracy to assassinate  General Kayumba Nyamwasa. Another suspect, Francis Gakwere, fled to Rwanda while on a temporary release pending police investigations (see our articles on Gakwerere here).

The South African government, through the spokesman Tlali Tlali,  said today that South Africa has received Spain Government’s official request for extradition. General Kayumba Nyamwasa is accused of war crimes, including the assassination of Spanish missionaries and genocide against Hutu ethnics in the Democratic republic of the Congo.
The Rwandan Government is also seeking his extradition, accusing him of terrorism and seeking to overthrow the government of the Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame.   On August 20, 2010, Rwandan security services arrested
the brother of General Kayumba Nyamwasa,  Lt Colonel  Steven Ngabo Rugigana. His whereabouts remain unknown to date.
On Monday  September 6, 2010 General Kayumba Nyamwasa, Major Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa, Gerard Gahima and Colonel Patrick Karegeya, all founding members of the ruling party Rwandan Patriotic Front, published a memorandum in which they accuse the Rwandan  dictator Paul Kagame of repression, corruption, and ethnic discrimination against the Hutu majority (see related articles).

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