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Norwegian Attorney Dismisses Rwandan Accusations Against Major Munyaruguru

Photo: Rakiya Omaar, Jean De Dieu Mucyo and Gerald Gahima

The Norwegian  Royal Attorney/Prosecutor  Marit Formo has dismissed a criminal  case leveled by the Rwandan Government against a former Rwandan high ranking military officer, Major Emmanuel Munyaruguru. In the October 10, 2010 letter notifying the Prosecutor’s decision to Norwegian authorities,  a copy of which AfroAmerica Network has received, the Royal Prosecutor judged that all the charges of crimes committed in Rwanda contained in the case 891050 opened against Major Emmanuel Munyaruguru following the charges filed by the Rwandan Government have been dismissed on the grounds that no crime has been proven [NDLR: Statement by Royal Attorney Marit Formo for those who understand the Norwegian language: “ Kripos Underretter med dette om at forholdet i straffesak 8910580 (mistanke om straffbare forhold i Rwanda i 1994) for deres vedkommende er henlagt på grunnlag av at intent straffbart forhold anses bevist.”]

For More on the case, the actors involved, and the implications, visit AfroAmerica Network (http://www.afroamerica.net) in World Events Pages and read the article: Rwandan Accusations Against Major Munyaruguru Dismissed by Norwegian Royal Prosecutor

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