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Wikileaks: Rwandan Rebels on UN List to Appease Kigali

Photo: UN Expert in DRC

According to Wikileaks documents released on Feb 5, 2011, FDLR leaders were included on UN Sanctions List in 2008 “to keep Rwandans (RPF government -GOR) sweet ”.
According to the alleged US State Department cables released by Wikileaks, “FCO [British Commonwealth & Foreign Office] Ministers were “agitated” that FDLR sanctions have not been put in place yet, and HMG sees imposition of the sanctions as an easy way to keep the Rwandans on board and demonstrate that “Europe can be tough on the FDLR.” This is especially important in light of the Rose Kabuye arrest .”

The cables continue that “ Following FCO Minister for Africa Lord Malloch- Brown’s visit to Rwanda, Malloch-Brown said HMG needs to “find something to give the Rwandans,”
and the FCO has determined it is the FDLR sanctions, even if the UNSC is only prepared to move forward on four individuals.”

The cables show that FDLR leaders may have been sacrificed in the game of “real politics.” They point out that some decisions were controversial and were merely taken to keep the Rwandan government happy, but also affirm that some Rwandan government’s demands were politely rejected:
“how the Rwandans would feel about only acting on four of the 19 individuals and presenting enhanced Statements of Case that the GOR had not prepared, which essentially communicates to the Rwandans that that their “information is OK, but not good enough.” In addition, Otway said the UK would like to send a political message to the FDLR members resident in Europe that European governments would be taking action against them so they should cease their supportive activities based in Europe.

It also appears that the Europeans were not happy when Rwandan provided a list of more that 6,000 accused “genocidaires” during the so-called Kisangani process initiated by Rwandan rebels of RUD-Urunana:
On tackling the FDLR, [ ..] there had “not been enough return on investment in
SSR.” He agreed that a more politically savvy strategy was necessary to target the FDLR, which focuses on economic support to the movement from abroad, reducing the territory where the FDLR operates, and has a stronger DDR component. He agreed that the Government of Rwanda should share its list of genocidaires as a good faith effort to continue the DRC-Rwanda rapprochement.
It is important for Rwanda to communicate that it is looking for 250-300 genocidaires, not

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