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Rwandan Troops, Reinforced by FDLR Deserters Reenter East-DRC

A large contingent of Rwandan Government Defense Forces (RDF) soldiers have entered the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), sources within MONUSCO (United Nations Stabilization Mission for Congo) informed AfroAmerica Network. 
According to the same sources, the troops started to enter massively through the Kibumba border post and the volcanoes (Virunga National Park) that sit at the borders between Rwanda and the DRC over the weekend.
That area is covered by the thick jungles of the rain forest which extends along the border between the two countries and is a wildlife refuge. According to the sources, the motives of the sudden deployment in the Kivus by RDF remain unknown. MONUSCO is allegedly still verifying the extent and the destination of the troops.
Sources contacted in Kivu confirmed the deployment and added that the troops are actually moving toward the Rutshuru area, using the Bwiza settlement controlled by CNDP and situated within the Virunga National Park.
Among these troops are the ex-FDLR and RUD-Urunana officers who had deserted of chose to be repatriated to Rwanda over the last years. These officers are regrouped in the military camp of Mukamira and retrained, before being integrated into the RDF units being sent to DRC. It is believed that they will help in gathering intelligence and identifying their former units.
The sources have also indicated that the targets of these new military operations are the groups accused by the Rwandan Government of working with the dissident exiled RDF officers, General Kayumba Nyamwasa and Colonel Partick Karegeya.
In fact the areas where the advanced RDF units were last seen are occupied by the CNDP troops loyal to General Laurent Nkunda imprisoned in Kigali, Colonel Gaheza, and the armed group SOK, that have been accused by Rwandan intelligence services of being the allies of the two dissidents.

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