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Rwandan Troops Attack CNDP Offshoot Linked to General Kayumba Nyamwasa

Sources in Goma inform AfroAmerica Network that Rwandan troops who have crossed into the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have been fighting soldiers of the breakaway group of CNDP in the Territory of Rutshuru.

The troops crossed into DRC since early March 2011 (see our March 21, 2011 article – Rwandan Troops Reinforced by FDLR Deserters Reenter East-DRC). Wearing the uniforms of the Congolese government troops, FARDC, they have been easily infiltrating the Rutshuru Territory, focusing on the Chefferie of Bwisha. The only distinguishing characteristics among the two forces are the boots, with Rwandan troops wearing leather boots, while FARDC wear plastic boots.

According to the sources, the secret mission of Rwandan troops is to hunt down CNDP dissenters suspected of trying to link up with Rwandan exiled General and Colonel Kayumba Nyamwasa.

They also have a mission to preempt any link between General Kayumba Nyamwasa and FDLR or RUD-Urunana troops based in the DRC.

Heavy fighting erupted on Thursday and Friday in the villages surrounding Nyamilima and all way to Nyakakoma and Ishasha.  According to the villagers,  Rwandan troops burned homes and crops  and killed a large number of villagers. A large number villagers have fled towards the Chefferie of Bwito and  Rwindi.

Sources also confirmed that Rwandan troops allegedly disrupted on going meetings between envoys claiming to represent General Kayumba Nyamwasa and the delegation composed of the leaders of ex-CNDP, Colonel Sok, Colonel Gaheza and Colonel Wenceslas Nizeyimana, alias Kit. Both Colonel Gaheza and Colonel Nizeyimana were expelled from RUD-Urunana last years, for unknown reasons and had since joined Colonel Sok.

The sources said that Rwandan intelligence were tipped of the meeting by operatives within ex-CNDP.  A network of the same Rwandan operatives assassinated the former leader of the ex-CNDP (see our February 26, 2011: Congolese Colonel Linked to General Kayumba Assassinated).

According to  FARDC and MONUSCO sources,  several members of the delegation were killed by Rwandan troops and others fled towards Miriki and Vitshumbi.

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