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AfroAmerica Network invites Contributors to submit articles

AfroAmerica Network invites contributors to submit articles.

AfroAmerica Network invites contributors to submit articles.

Have you visited AfroAmerica Network lately?  If not, please do (http://www.afroamerica.net). You asked, we listened, and now we are answering.

Several of our readers have expressed their interest in submitting articles to AfroAmerica Network to be posted in our pages on  http://www.afroamerica.net.

There are several areas  of interest. We may add more in the near future.  The articles may address the following topics:

  1. Global Issues
  2. World Events
  3. Freedom and Democracy
  4. International Justice and Crimes
  5. Economy and Business
  6. Politics and International Affairs

If  a given article addresses a specific area of interest with an in-depth look,  we will publish the article in our competitive section:  “AfroAmerica Discourses.”

Joining AfroAmerica Network is free. However, all articles will be reviewed thoroughly before publication. We do not guarantee publication.

To avoid any conflict of interest, all submissions accepted for publication belong to AfroAmerica Network. However, the opinions and views expressed in articles belong to the authors, who are responsible for the content and may be sole liable for any consequences from their views.

To guarantee independence, integrity and professionalism and as a policy, AfroAmerica Network does not compensate contributors in any form or in any way.

We prefer articles in English. However, in very specific cases and depending on the intended audience, AfroAmerica Network may publish articles in other languages.
As an added benefit, regular contributors may have access to all our premium areas. Three of the top contributors in AfroAmerica Network Discourses may also have their own tag.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail at:


AfroAmerica Network

e-mail: afro@afroamerica.net

web: http://www.afroamerica.net

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