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Rutshuru: Seven Rwandan and FARDC soldiers killed; One injured Rwandan rebel captured

Rutshuru:  7  Rwandan and FARDC soldiers killed and 1 injured Rwandan rebel captured

May 26, 2011

Heavy fightings erupted between the FARDC troops supported by Rwanda Defense Forces and Rwandan rebels in the Rutshuru area since late last week.
The heavy fithing erupted when 12 special forces entered the rebel held area and attempted to kill one of their commanders. Instead of attacking the Rwandan rebels, they attacked a Mai-Mai group led by Colonel Sadam, an ex-FARDC commader who defected late last year. Colonel Sadam was initially based in Walikale, in the Walowa Loanda village before moving to Masisi/Rutshuru earlier this year, along with other FARDC soldiers who defected with him.

The 12 Rwandan special forces include former FDLR defectors, under the command of Rwandan Defense Forces. As of the time of the article the figthing is still on-going. AfroAmerica Network is trying to find out who, among the numerous Rwandan rebels groups, was targeted by the Rwandan special forces.

Late Wednesday May 25, 2011, the FARDC commander Colonel Yav, speaking on local media, accused the FDLR of having killed 6 civilians when the latter raided a village of Katwiguru, in Rutshuru area. However, the local population contacted denied the raid by the rebels, but rather accused the Rwandan Defense Forces within the FARDC of assassinating the civilians after they fell in Rwandan rebels’  ambush that killed the 7 soldiers.

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