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MONUSCO employees accuse DDRRR Director Alex Gregory of Harassment and Working for Rwanda

On May 13, 2011, MONUSCO Congolese  employees have written to the UN Special Representative of the of United Nations Secretary General  in the Democratic Republic of the Congo accusing the DDRRR Director, Alex Gregory of harassment and being a Rwandan agent who has infiltrated the UN peace keeping mission in the  DRC .

The letter, of which AfroAmerica Network has received a copy was written in Goma by MONUC Congolese employees Pascal Buraka, John Wamungu Bashall, Agatha Bazungu, Felix Kambale, and Ernest Ntabara.

They accuse Alex Gregory, an American citizen who acquired a Rwandan citizenship after marrying a Rwandan  woman who is allegedly a former high ranking insider of the  Rwandan Patriotic Front, the party of  the Rwandan president  Paul Kagame.

In some serious accusations, MONUSCO employees allege that Alex Gregory held a meeting with his  staff and  stated that he will kill “Agathe Bazungu, Pascal Buraka, and Felix Kambale”  and has organized “the kidnapping of  FDLR officer  Captain Jeome Nzanzimana Soso and his wife  and made them disappear” while they were contacting him for repatriation.

They also accuse a Congolese MONUC employee, Mass Walimba, a close aid to Alex Gregory for  planning to assassinate them.

MONUSCO employees  allege that on May 4, 2011, Alex Gregory organized a meeting with the sole topic on the agenda: “Hatred of Congolese against Rwandans.” During the  introduction of the meeting Alex Gregory allegedly  ”denounced the pervasive hatred of the Congolese against Rwandans and reminded the audience the fact that he [Alex Gregory] is not only a Rwandan citizen but also married to a Rwandan woman.

He  apparently added that his mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) was “to make sure that FDLR never leave the Congolese soil because all are genocidaires and he had witnessed FDLR  raping millions of women in front of him in Rwanda.”

Later, Alex Gregory allegedly added:” You Agathe Bazungu, you are idiot and your face is full of hatred.”

The authors of the letter ask the UN Secretary General Special Representative  in the DRC to launch investigations into the alleged unprofessional and criminal behavior by Alex Gregory, his and Mass Walimba’s  death threats, disappearances and possible assassination  of  the FDLR officer and  his wife  by DDRRR agents to prevent him for being repatriated to Rwanda, sudden arrest of  another FDLR officer, Bienvenu Koko, who worked as Alex Gregory’s informant.

The authors sent a copy to several UN high ranking officials both in the DRC and New York.

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