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South African Security Services Hunt Down Rwandan Operatives

Sources close to South African Police tell AfroAmerica Network that South African Security Services have been on alert after several Rwandans, believed to be intelligence operatives and assassins were arrested. Security services seized multiple passports, including South African fake passports, on Rwandans traveling across Southern African Development Community countries. The seizure of the fake passports follow a disclosure by South African police of alleged recorded communications between Rwandan intelligence high ranking officials and Rwandan operatives based in South Africa.
In some of the recordings (for those who know the Rwandan language, you may listen on Youtube® here and here and on Rwandan news media Umuvugizi here).

Based on the translations by AfroAmerica Network partners and the confirmation from the South African sources, the conversations are allegedly among the Rwandan external intelligence Chief General Jack Nziza, General Paul Kagame’s security advisor Emmanuel Ndahiro, Captain Francis Gakwerere and Pascal Kanyandekwe (see our article on Francis Gakwere here), the alleged assassins, and General Kumba Nyamwasa’s personal driver.
In the taped phone conversations, one hears Rwandan intelligence and security services chiefs organizing the assassinations of General Kayumba on his hospital bed, after he had survived an earlier assassassination. The Rwandan operatives propose to use South African killers dressed in either doctor or police uniforms to get into hospital and shoot the Rwandan dissident General. They said South African killers have asked to be paid US $ 500,000 with the first half to be paid before the assassination. In one tape, the Rwandan intelligence chiefs agree to the price but asked to be swift given that the assassination must coincide with the opening of the World Soccer Cup tournament in South Africa.
In another tape, Rwandan intelligence propose to rather use an innovative poison that the Rwandan security services have developing and testing on dogs and inmates. The Rwandan intelligence chiefs says that the poison kills the victim within two months and does not leave any traces, which would be critical in this case and insisted that this time they should not miss.
The Rwandan operatives agree with the position and say that if necessary, they would physically eliminate the South African “white” policeman guarding the injured general and shoot and injure themselves to give impression of an attack by outside assassins.

The tapes and the arrests of operatives with fake passports have created an upheaval within the South African security services, especially the National Intelligence Agency (NIA).
The NIA Head Lizo Gibson Njenje and NIA chief Moe Shaik have personally decided to handle the sensitive case, Moe Shaik has made several trips to Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe over the last months to ask for their cooperation to apprehend the operatives and warn the local intelligence services. According to AfroAmerica Network sources, the conversations among Rwandan intelligence and security chiefs, General Nziza and General Emmanuel Ndahiro and Moe Shaik were so tense that Moe Shaik asked to meet General Paul Kagame to warn him of the consequences. Instead, he met the Rwandan Foreign Affairs minister, Ms. Louise Mushikiwabo, who repeated the diplomatic denial of the implications of Rwanda in assassination plots against Rwandan dissidents in South Africa.
South Africa recalled its High Commissioner in Rwanda last year to protest the assassination attempts (see here). So far the South African High Commissioner has not returned to Rwanda and Rwandan high commission in South Africa has reduced its high ranking staff.
With the new developments and as the Rwandan government continues to dispatch assassins around the World, the relations between the Rwandan government and South African and other countries are expected to remain tense.

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