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Trials in Assassination Attempt Against Rwandan Exiled General Open in South Africa

The trial against Rwandan operatives suspected of double assassination attempt against a Rwandan exiled general Kayumba Nyamwasa opened in Johannesburg, South Africa on Tuesday, June 28, 2011.
Six alleged assassins, three Rwandans and three Tanzanians stood in court where they heard the prosecution develop the case and tell the story of an assassination plot by Rwandan spies who had infiltrated South Africa.
There are overwhelming evidences that the alleged Rwandan operatives may be connected to Rwandan intelligence services and all way to Rwandan Intelligence Chief General Jack Nziza and General Dan Munyuza, the Security Advisers of the Rwandan president General Paul Kagame (see our article South African Security Services Hunt Down Rwandan Operatives

According to prosecutors, assassins, allegedly from the six co-accused shot General Kayumba Nyamwsa but failed to kill him. He was rushed to a hospital. The assassins followed him there and tried to strangle him in his hospital bed, but could not allude the tight security.

The Rwandan government has denied its involvement but sent legal counsels to observe the trial. Sitting in the court and looking intently, sometimes gravely, the lawyers of the Rwandan government did not say anything both in and outside the court.
Prosecutors, led by the renowned Prosecutor Shaun Abrahams, expressed their confidence in winning the case and disclosed that there is overwhelming evidence that implicates the accused.
They also added that key witnesses under the special protection of South African security services will shed more light and provide irrefutable testimonies against the accused.

The trial is conducted in English with translation into two African languages: Kinyarwanda and Swahili, both spoken in Rwanda and Tanzania, and into French.
Just after the first session, the Prosecutor Shaun Abrahms alluded to the fact that testimonies may implicate the Rwandan government, whereas the lawyer of the accused confirmed the Rwandan Government version of denying the participation.

The suspects are accused of conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, attempted kidnapping, illegal possession of firearms, attempted bribery of government officials and several other crimes punishable under South African laws.

The three accused Rwandans include Pascal Kanyandekwe (see our multiple article by searching Pascal Kanyandekwe) and Kayumba Nyamwasa’s personal driver. Another suspect, Francis Gakwaya managed to escape when he was arrested after the assassination attempt, then temporary released pending investigations. All the accused pleaded not guilty.

The trial continues.

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