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Attacks by suspected Rwandan FDLR and Burundian FNL rebels paralyze Fizi – Kivu

Sources in Bukavu inform AfroAmerica Network that attacks by suspected Rwandan and Burundian rebels have intensified over the last weeks and getting closer and closer to the major cities of South Kivu, especially Fizi and Bukavu.

According to the sources, in the night of Saturday to Sunday, August 7, 2011, Rwandan and Burundian rebels allegedly attacked a vehicle carrying passengers and goods from the region to the town of Bukavu. Bukavu is the capital of South-Kivu province.  The attacked happened 15 km from the town of Fizi, at the usually busy road. In the attack, several people including FARDC soldiers were killed or wounded.  The injured, including at least  two soldiers, were rushed to the main hospital of the town of Fizi. The attackers looted the vehicle and the passengers.

Witnesses were quick to blame the Rwandan FDLR and Burundian FNL rebels. A coalition of FDLR and FNL has been operating in the area connected to the region surrounding Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi.

The apparently powerless local Congolese authorities called on FARDC commanders to do more to protect the communications exes and the passengers. However, given that the FARDC were also among the killed or injured, it is not clear how much else they could do.

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