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US Embassy in Rwanda: New Times, Government Mouthpiece Run by Rwandan President’s Office

According to the US Embassy in Rwanda, the major Rwandan newspaper, magazine, and electronic media, The New Times, is a Rwandan Government (GOR) mouthpiece, directly run by the office of the Rwandan dictator, General Paul Kagame.

The analysis was made by the US Embassy in Rwanda, citing a US citizen who had been working as an editor of the New Times and had just ended her term. From the Wikileaks cables and according to the US Embassy, that former New Times Editor “described a culture in which members of the news room struggled against the dictates of the New Times management, which included editorial meetings focused on ways to promote the dominant Rwandan Patriotic Front in the upcoming legislative elections.”

In rather unequivocal and damning terms, the New Times editor confirms that the office of the Rwandan president Paul Kagame determines the editorial line of the magazine and all related publications. The New Times editor adds that the Rwandan President’s office is practically involved in all the managerial details, including selecting and editing articles to be published and choosing the pictures of the Rwandan dictator to be featured in the Magazine and electronic publications.

According to the cables, “She[the New Times editor] confirmed that the Office of the President sends and approves images of President Kagame used on the front page of the paper and said if management “had its druthers,” Kagame would be featured every day. She also said open criticism of individual Government of Rwanda (GOR) officials was more acceptable to the paper’s leadership than general criticism of the GOR at large, particularly in cases where an individual was falling out of favor.

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  • Victor Tshisekedi September 22, 2011, 7:59 am

    Why is it that the United States, France, England and the UN are talking about ending dictatorships in the world while they keep supporting dictator Kagame even in daylight, yet everyone of his atrocities are in the open? The whole world is now witnessing how most of the evil things that are happening in every corner of the world are just the will of these so called superpowers. Now, we must direct our REVOLUTIONARY energy as the people of the world in order to topple all these government of evil. We are having enough. Basta ya!!!

  • ruth September 14, 2011, 12:35 pm

    This is very true! And did she also notice that once one (a journalist) is seen as a threat to the president’s image, one is briebed and then offered employment in the NT offices. More shock is on its way. Go dictator PK.