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FDLR Rebels Kill ex-CNDP Colonel Commanding a Rwandan Defense Forces Unit in the DRC

AfroAmerica Network correspondents in North-Kivu province of Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) report that the Rwandan rebels of the Democratic Forces of Liberation of Rwanda, FDLR, have killed, after violent combats, several Rwandan Defense Forces (RDF) soldiers who are part of several companies that have been infiltrating the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo within the last month.
The soldiers were killed in the area of Murukoro,

between Bunagana and Rutshuru.
An entire heavily armed unit, commanded by a former CNDP high ranking officer Colonel Ali Habimana fell in an ambush by the Rwandan rebels. Violent combats ensued from the ambush. Almost all the soldiers were killed and the rebels seized the weapons. The Rwandan soldiers wore FARDC uniforms.
The commander Colonel Ali Habimana was killed in the attack along with all his bodyguards.

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  • Victor Tshisekedi September 22, 2011, 7:47 am

    It is time that we show to the whole world that the governments of USA, France, England and those which are part of the UN are turning a blind eye to to the atrocities being committed in the DR Congo by Kagame and his tutsi boys such as “J Kabila”, J Kabarebe, Ntangada, etc. Other than plundering our natural resources, the US and its allies are using Kagame and them to commit mass murders, rapes, child soldiers. And the whole world is standing aside looking while all this is happening. Why removing Kadhafi from power and not Kagame and his boys? Why is the whole world conspiring agains the people of the DR Copngo?

  • Congo of Lumumba & LD Kabila September 17, 2011, 10:06 pm

    All of us congolease must now wake up in order to chase away all those rwandan Tutsis who have infiltrated our country right up to the presidency, with the help of the US, France, the so called UN. If we continue to be naive, we shall suffer the consequences. We must stand up and defend our country knowing that none else can do it for us. IF we are true congolese, why then do we remain passive while those rats who, not only are they plunderring our natural resources, but they are also killing and raping. Let us wake up and defend our women and small girls from being rape, as well as our natural resources.

  • Joel Simbi September 14, 2011, 8:42 am

    If some Congolese still believe that “Kabila” whose real name is Kanambe as well as those other tutsis who are occupying important positions even in the army are fellow congolese, they must go and watch the movie “Troy”!