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Mai-Mai Cheka Slapped with Sanctions by the UN Security Council

On 28 November 2011, the United Nations Security Council has slapped the notorious Congolese warlord, Ntabo Ntaberi also known as Mai-Mai Cheka or Sheka, of sanctions. The UN accuses him of carrying out attacks on mines in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), including taking over the Bisiye mines and extorting from locals.

Mai-Mai Sheka is also accused of planning and executing massive rapes of women, especially those committed in Walikale territory from July 30 to August 2, 2010.
Other crimes include raping, enslaving, and recruiting children.

Last week, Mai-Mai Cheka assassinated an FDLR commander, Colonel Sadiki, who was once his ally (see our article here)

Ntabo Ntaberi Sheka, is Commander-in-Chief of the political branch of the Mayi Mayi Sheka. He is now running for a seat as parliament representative, with the backing and financial support from Rwandan leaders. The UN Security Council has called on the DRC government to arrest and try him. But few expect that the calls will be heeded, as other alleged war criminals indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal, such as General Bosco Ntaganda, continue to lead units and battalions of the Congolese army, FARDC.

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The Mayi Mayi Sheka group

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