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FDLR appoints Colonel Mujyambere as the new Chief of Staff.

Rwandan rebels known as Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR) have appointed a new chief of staff to replace Brigadier General Leodomir Mugaragu killed in January 2012 by a Rwandan commando (see our article: FDLR Chief of Staff General Leodomir Mugaragu Killed by a Commando and No FDLR General Surrendered, FARDC sources say).

The new FDLR Chief of Staff, Colonel Leopold Mujyambere, aka Musenyeri or Frere Petrus Ibrahim hails from the same region of Kigali as General Leodomir Mugaragu. He was the commander of FDLR Second Division and the Reserves brigades in South Kivu. He is allegedly based in Mwenga, South-Kivu.

In South-Kivu, FDLR troops have been battling the mix of Mai-Mai congolese combatants and FARDC. They however managed to create alliances with the Tutsi Banyamurenge led by Colonel Masunzu and other Congolese Mai-Mai combatants. In recent months, combats among FDLR, FARDC,  and groups of Mai-Mai, especially the Mai-Mai Guides and Mai-Mai Cheka, Raia Mutomboki and others have created a human tragedy with tens of casualties on all  sides and hundreds of thousands of civilians fleeing their homes.

On February 8, 2012, the youths from the territory of Shabunda created yet another group of Mai-Mai  combatants known as Raia-Mutomboki-Mboko, with the stated aim of  fighting the FDLR, according to its spokesperson. MONUSCO spokesperson Lt Colonel Felix Prospere Base and a FARDC  spokesperson were quick to condemn the new armed group for fueling insecurity and vowed to disarm its soldiers.

Eastern-Congo remains one of the most insecure and chaotic areas in the world. The nomination of a new FDLR Chief of staff may not help in securing the region militarily.

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