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Late FDLR Chief of Staff Leodomir Mugaragu was killed by a Rwandan Commando Trained in Korea

Sources close to Rwandan Department of Military Intelligence (DMI) tell AfroAmerica Network that the late FDLR Chief of Staff Brigadier General Leodomir Mugaragu was killed by a Rwandan Commando led by commanders trained in Korea. The sources did not specify which Korea, but other sources confirmed that Rwandan troops have been training in South Korea over the last years.
According to the same sources, the commando finished the special forces training from Korea in mid 2011 and returned to Rwanda. As a test of their skills, the commander asked to be given a mission to eliminate one of the FDLR top commanders. With the help of FDLR deserters, he infiltrated FDLR lines and posed as a Congolese civilian, looking for a job in mining and farming. He was able to mingle with Congolese natives, while observing the movements of General Leodomir Mugaragu. Because of an open conflict with his overall commander General Mudacumura, General Ledomir Mugaragu had left the FDLR commanding quarters and created his own base, with a light escort. He often dismissed the escort and spent nights alone in his cabin for extended periods of time. The Rwandan military operative hence learned about General Mugaragu’s habits, when he dismissed his escort and stayed alone in his cabin, and his habits.
After gathering the intelligence, he called-in his commando and launched the attack. During the attack, General Ledomir Mugaragu was alone in his cabin and was the only casualty. He was shot dead in his sleep by the commander of the Rwandan commando who afterwards burned the cabin along with his remains.
The commando returned to Rwanda after the assassination and was given medals. The soldiers in the unit were promoted in ranks during a ceremony held at the Rwandan Department of Military Intelligence in late January 2012.
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