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CNDP Quits FARDC as Joseph Kabila Asks Paul Kagame to Arrest General Ntaganda

Sources in the Kivu inform AfroAmerica Network that troups loyal to the accused war criminal General Bosco Ntaganda have rebelled and deserted the Congolese Army, FARDC. The troops that rebelled were based in North-Kivu, mainly in the areas of Rutshuru, Masisi, Kitchanga, and Katale.

According to the sources close to the Congolese presidency, the rebellion followed a message sent by the Congolese President Joseph Kabila to  Rwandan President General Paul Kagame  requesting his help in arresting General Bosco Ntaganda.

General Bosco Ntaganda leads FARDC units mainly composed of ex-CNDP rebels. He has been indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC)  for crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of genocide. Recently, his former Commander,  Thomas Lubanga, was the first person to be found guilty by ICT of war crimes and crimes against humanity court, six years after he was arrested.

Joseph Kabila has been under intense international pressure to arrest General Bosco Ntaganda.  Ntaganda’s CNDP being a proxy rebel group created by  the Rwandan   army,  Joseph Kabila is apparently unable to arrest General Bosco Ntaganda without General Paul Kagame’s approval and intervention.

The former  CNDP overall commander, General Laurent Nkunda, was arrested  in January 2009 by the Rwandan Military following pressure from the International Community, NGO and the media. He has been officially under house arrest in Rwanda, although witnesses have  seen him crisscrossing the border between Rwanda and the DRC over the  recent weeks. (see our article: Kivu Boiling: Rwanda Rearming CNDP and Serufuri’s RCD As Tshisekedi Is Expected to Win Elections).

Meanwhile, PARECO’s troops are also regrouping and a new rebellion composed of former PARECO leader and a former FARDC general  and ex-CNDP who was based in Beni and recently rebelled, have joined forces and occupied  areas around Lubero, Rutshuru, Kiwandja, and Butembo (see our article: Kivu Insurgency: PARECO and FARDC Deserters Take Up Arms Against FARDC and Rwandan Troops).

The ex-CNDP commander and ex-FARDC commander, Colonel Albert Kahasha, led the  808th FARDC division. Initially a commander of the  former Rwandan backed CNDP commander turned ennemy of Rwandan President Paul Kagame. Based in Eringeti, Beni, he defected on January 25, 2012 and created his own rebellion.

He was able to link up with PARECO commanded and  former MAi-Mai and FARDC commander General Kakulu Sikuli Vasaka Lafontaine  in the last two weeks. PARECO troops have been battling the FARDC/Rwandan troops in Beni area.

General Bosco Ntaganda appears to be the price Joseph Kabila may pay to maintain power after the controversial November 28, 2011 elections, widely condemned by the International Community and the Congolese opposition. Given the current geopolitical interests and the recent media campaign on another accused war criminal Joseph Kony, the days until General Bosco Ntaganda is arrested may be numbered.

However, Joseph Kabila himslef or the FARDC are unable to make the arrest. The dirty job will be left for General Paul Kagame, who is the godfather of General Bosco Ntaganda.

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