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US Government Sends a Veiled Message to Rwandan Leaders on Commemoration of 1994 Massacres

On April 6, 2012 the US Government sent out a statement to commemorate with the Rwandan people the anniversary of the tragedy that befell them in 1994.
The message, that can be found on this link, hails the Rwanda people for the remarkable advances in areas of health, education and agriculture. However, the statement by the Acting Spokesperson, Mark C. Toner makes veiled references to the lack of democracy in Rwanda.
First, instead of “remarkable strides” that characterize the economical achievements, the statement only mentions “much [done] to promote regional stability and good governance.”

Second, perhaps the most significant sentence is the criticism of Rwandan Government for its lack of democracy and freedom. The statement points to this deficiency in the conclusion by reaffirming “[the US] commitment to continue to work together with the people and Government of Rwanda to ensure that freedom, justice and peace are respected and enjoyed by all.”
The sentence appears to remind all that the US Government is aware that only a small group enjoys freedom, justice and peace while the majority is subjected to the lack of these basic human rights.

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