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Rebellion Intensifies in Kivu As More FARDC Commanders Defect

The rebellion that has been simmering for the last months, especially following the November 28th, 2011 Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) presidential elections, has intensified. The latest major event to fuel the rebellion is the defection of the commander of the 805th Division of the Armed Forces of DRC (FARDC), Colonel Innocent Kayina, who was based in Nyongera, in Rutshuru (North Kivu). Colonel Innocent Kayina along with most of his troops defected in the night of Saturday, April 7, 2012.

He defected with all the heavy weaponry and destroyed most of what he and his men could not take with them. Sources in Rutshuru inform AfroAmerica Network that his men destroyed all the military vehicles and the provisions of weapons and food that they could not carry and burned the military barracks.
Their whereabouts are nor clearly known. However, other sources told AfroAmerica Network that Colonel Kayina may have joined forces with the ex-CNDP commander and former commander of the 808th FARDC division, Colonel Albert Kahasha, who defected from FARDC on January 25, 2012 and created his own rebellion, .
It appears the forces of the two commanders have occupied most of the areas surrounding the towns of Rutshuru and Kiwanja, in North Kivu.

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