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Mai-Mai Cheka (aka Sheka) Kill FARDC Top Commanders

Sources within MONUSCO inform AfroAmerica Network that Mai-Mai Cheka aka Sheka fighters have ambushed and killed 2 FARDC commanders. The killings happened in the areas of Walikale and Masisi. Among the FARDC commanders killed are Colonel Cyuma and Colonel Pilipili. Colonel Pilipili was the FARDC Division Commander based in Walikale.

Mai-Mai Cheka have been very active in the areas. They are believed to be working with the renegade FARDC Generall Bosco Ntaganda and receiving weapons and other logistical support from Rwandan special forces.

In November 2011, the Mai-Mai Cheka along with Rwandan Special forces ambushed and killed an FDLR commander, Colonel Sadiki Kanzeguhera (see our article: FDLR Commander Colonel Sadiki Killed by Mai-Mai Cheka.
After the killings, the Commander of Mai-Mai Sheka, fearing reprisals from FDLR, sought refuge in a a border town of Gisenyi in Rwanda.
Recently, he returned to Walikale and reorganized his Mai-Mai militia. It is alleged that the militias received training from the Rwandan military and ex-CNDP forces within FARDC, with the help of General Bosco Ntaganda. It is also alleged that he has been receiving weapons and ammunitions and has been doing the dirty job inside the DRC on the behalf of the Rwandan military.

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