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General Bosco Ntaganda Moving troops to Ituri and Masisi

Sources close to the renegade General Bosco Ntaganda inform AfroAmerica Network that he has started to move his troops and the headquarter of his rebellion to the Oriental Ituri Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), while reinforcing his grip on the Masisi area in North-Kivu province. According to the same sources, his troops are moving to Ituri with the help of Colonel Erick Ruhorimbere, a FARDC commander based in Beni and Colonel Falsi Kabwe,the FARDC commander in Bunia.
In Masisi, General Bosco Ntaganda relies on the Mai-Mai Cheka militia. In an effort to occupy Masisi, the Mai-Mai Cheka and their allies, the Rwandan Military Special Forces and ex-CNDP loyal to General Bosco Ntaganda, took control on Friday, April 27, 2012 of the town of Luvungi, 65 km west of Walikale in North Kivu.
The Mai-Mai Cheka, led by the self styled congoles warlord also known as Cheka, have been moving in the Walikale territory on their way to Masisi without much resistence from FARDC. The militia commander Cheka lead his troops from a safe house in Gisenyi, a Rwandan border town, where he is under the protection of the Rwandan army since the assassination of an FDLR commander ((see our article:FDLR Commander Colonel Sadiki Killed by Mai-Mai Cheka).
The Ma-Mai Cheka operate as a mercenary proxy of the Rwandan Special forces and General Bosco Ntaganda and receive weapons and logistics from the Rwandan military. So far, the FARDC troops based in Walikale and who form the 8th military regiment have been unable to fend off the Mai-Mai Cheka advance.
Late last week, the Mai-Mai Cheka killed two FARDC commanders, Colonel Chuma, commander of the third sector and Colonel Pili Pili, Commander of the 804th regiment in Walikale (see our article: Mai-Mai Cheka (aka Sheka) Kill FARDC Top Commanders)

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