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Rwandan UN Special Envoy to Guinea-Bissau Joseph Mutaboba To Be Fired?

Rwandan UN Special Envoy to Guinea Bissau Joseph Mutaboba Accused of Sheltering Drug Dealers and Incompetence Allegedly to be Fired

Sources at the United Nations in New York inform AfroAmerica Network that the UN Secretary General Special Envoy to Guinea-Bissau, the Rwandan Joseph Mutaboba has been accused of dining and hanging out with drug dealers. According to the same sources, his position is being reevaluated and he may be fired very soon.
The Rwandan Joseph Mutaboba was appointed to the post in February 2009 by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. His tenure was marred by a series of scandals that culminated with revelations that he hosted and was hosted by a drug dealers, especially Bubo Na Tchuto , who is on US wanted list, on several occasions, in a breach of his status as a high ranking UN official.
Mr. Joseph Mutaboba previously served in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Internal Affairs in Rwanda, where he was specially in charge of hunting down Rwandan refugees.
As late as last year, Joseph Mutaboba was warning the UN Security Council that drug trafficking in Guinea Bissau was a major threat to peace and security. In November 2011, while hosting the drug kingpin, he told the UN Security Council that “The efficient combat against drug trafficking in Guinea-Bissau continues to be hampered by a variety of internal and external political and technical factors. Furthermore, the lack of reliable data on the actual quantities of drugs that transit through the national territory adds on to the difficulties to address the matter with the national authorities.
According to the same sources, some at the UN ironically said that perhaps while dining with the drug kingpin, Bubo Na Tchuto , who is on US wanted list, he was “gathering data” on drug trafficking.
Joseph Mutaboba is also accused of incompetence for not having followed and timely informed the UN on the deterioration of the situation during his tenure.

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