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UN Security Council Confirms that Rwandan Government and FDLR Deserters “Mandevu” Support M23 Congolese Rebels.

UN Security Council to Confirm that Rwandan Government and FDLR Deserters “Mandevu” Are Supporting M23 Congolese Rebels.

Sources at the United Nations in New York inform AfroAmerica Network that on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 the UN Security Council made a decision to release an addendum of the report by UN Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo documenting the support by Rwandan top military officials to Congolese rebels known as M23.
The addendum was withheld pending the response from the Rwanda Government to the allegations. However, after reexamining the allegations and finding them very credible and based on solid evidences, the UN Security Council opted for an expedited release.

According to the same sources, the report by the UN Experts documents with a thorough and methodic approach the support from three Rwandan Generals: Rwandan Defense Minister General James Kabarebe, Rwandan Military Chief of Staff General Charles Kayonga and Rwandan President Kagame’s Military Intelligence Adviser General Nziza.
The sources told AfroAmerica Network that the report affirms that the three generals have been directly supervising the operations of M23 and have coordinated recruitment, training and arming of the rebels. These conclusions are aligned with the information AfroAmerica Network has been publishing for a few months (see our previous articles on the subject).

AfroAmerica Network has also obtained a copy of the interim report in which the experts conform that an FDLR deserter has been recruited by M23 rebels and serving as an operations commander in the Volcanos.
Sources in Goma told AfroAmerica Network that the ex-FDLR , cited by UN Experts as Colonel Mugasa Mandevu, has been working with General Bosco Ntaganda for some time after deserting the FDLR. According to the sources, he was a corporal within the FDLR and a bodyguard of the FDLR Commander Colonel Kalebu. Upon his desertion, he was promoted to the rank of Colonel by General Bosco Ntaganda and given the command of a unit based in Nyamuragira-Sake-Bwiza.
His unit was then elevated to a battalion after the Rwanda military generals reinforced his troops with other ex-FDLR deserters who had been repatriated to Rwandan over the years and a score of new recruits from Rwanda.

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