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Rwandan Hutu Suspected of Supporting Rwandan Former King Arrested in Uganda

Sources in Kampala, Uganda inform AfroAmerica Network that a Rwandan-Belgian was arrested in Kampala on Thursday July 5, 2012. He is suspected of being a member of an armed group composed mostly of Rwandan Tutsi ethnics who want the return of the former Rwandan King, Kigeli Ndahindurwa. Kigeli Ndahindurwa is exiled in the United States of America. The armed group is known as “King Kigeli’s Army”.

According to the sources, the individual named Thaddeus Kwitonda acquired a Belgian citizenship after a few years of exile in Belgium. He has been traveling back and forth between Brussels and Kampala for the last four years.
According to sources close to Rwandan Military Intelligence services, Rwandan intelligences suspected him of serving as a liaison between the Hutu community in Belgium and Uganda and the so called “King Kigeli’s Army”. Rwandan Intelligence Services had been following him for a while and sometimes working with him (see our article: Rwandan Intelligence Services Behind So-called King Kigeli’s Army of october 1, 2011).
Late last week, Rwandan and Ugandan intelligence and Security Services held a meeting to coordinate actions that led to the arrest of Thaddeus Kwitonda. Alerted by some within the Rwandan Intelligence Services who support “King Kigeli’Army”, he was arrested as he sought to enter the Belgian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda.

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