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UN Security Council Unanimously Condemns the Seizure of Goma by M23 Rebels.

On Tuesday November 20, 2012 night the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution condemning Rwandan Government backed Congolese M23 rebels after they seized the border town of Goma. The UN Security Council also tasked the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon of investigating the external support the rebels have received, especially the alleged tactical, equipment and troops support from the Rwandan Defense Forces.

The vote, planned at 5:30 PM New York time, was initially pushed to Wednesday November 21, 2012, upon the request of one permanent member of the UN Security council to follow the 24 hour internal guidelines.
However, given the gravity of the situation, the representative of the country gave the approval for a vote and the resolution passed late at the night, with 15-0.
Meanwhile, UN Security members expressed disappointment and disbelief, when they learned that the 17,000 troops-strong MONUSCO was unable to stop the rebels’s advance. Both French Ambassador at the UN Gerard Araud and France Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius wondered how MONUSCO’s role can be justified and whether its mandate should not be reviewed.

On its side, MONUSCO is blaming the congolese FARDC for fleeing the advance of the rebels, abandoning their positions, and leaving MONUSCO to fight the rebels. Sources close to MONUSCO told AfroAmerica Network that MONUSCO chose not to fight after the flight of FARDC, because: “MONUSCO is not the army of the Congolese and if the Congolese cannot defend their country, it is their problem.”
Nevertheless, there is a growing concern within the UN Security council regarding the billions of dollars spent on MONUSCO, which is incapable of protecting the city and the civilians.

The seizure of the town of Goma has increased pressure on the UN Security council to impose stricter sanctions on M23 commanders and eventually on Rwandan top military leaders. The UN Security Council is also pushing the UN Secretary General to appoint a UN envoy (see our article:UN Security Council to Tackle Rwandan Government Support to M23 Rebels).

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