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General Bosco Ntaganda Evades Rwandan DMI Killing Squad

Katoyi_MasisiOn May 5, 2010 AfroAmerica Network published an article titled Is Mushikiwabo Ignorant, a Liar, or disloyal? That day, the self styled Rwandan Minister Louise Mushikiwabo had made statements contradicting the Rwandan Government’s position on ethnic groups. She had dared to confirm the existence of ethnic groups in Rwanda. She was asked to revise her statements later on and tried to unconvincingly explain that well, in Rwanda there are “ethnic crimes but  there are no ethnic groups.”  If anyone is confused by this, do not feel alone.

Photo: Katoyi, Masisi, DRC

Minister Louise Mushikiwabo vs Pinocchio
This week, apparently Ms Louise Mushikiwabo did it again. She first claimed that General Ntaganda was not anywhere to be found on the Rwandan territory.  Her staff then went on  to treat the Congolese Minister Lambert Mende of  being pinocchio, after a cartoon character whose nose grows as its lies become bigger and bigger,  for affirming that the General was indeed inside Rwanda. As AfroAmerica Network reported, contrary to international several media, General Ntaganda was indeed inside Rwanda and had  crossed the Rwandan border well before other Rwandan Defense Forces (RDF)  troops that were deployed into Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to support M23 rebels were ordered back into Rwanda (see our article: Kibumba: Fightings Between M23 Factions Never Happened).

General Bosco Ntaganda was a Marked Man
So was Ms Louise Mushikiwabo lying? According to our sources close to the brave Minister Louise Mushikiwabo, yes and no. Minister Louise Mushikiwabo was told  that General Bosco Ntaganda was not inside Rwanda and ordered to say so. Publicly she was lying but genuinely she was not. What Minister Mushikiwabo did not know was that the Rwandan Department of Military Intelligence (DMI) had  prepared a mission, that not even most of the Rwandan top military leaders and intelligence officials knew about. Even AfroAmerica Network analysts did not believe it, until our sources,  some of whom are related to General Ntaganda, described it in details.

According to the sources, General Ntaganda learned late February 2013, that Rwandan government leaders had given specific orders to a DMI commando to eliminate General Ntaganda.  That was after General Ntaganda tried and failed to assassinate Sultani Makenga (see our article of February 23, 2013:M23 General Sultani Makenga Escapes Assassination Attempt
The specifics orders were that General Bosco Ntaganda could not be allowed to be arrested and sent to International Criminal Court (ICC), where he could spill terrible and deadly secrets.  Luckily for General Ntaganda, one of the DMI commando alerted him about the fate awaiting him. The plan was to fake an attack by Sultani Makenga’s M23 rebels, execute him, and then announce to the World that he had died in combats.

After learning of the decision by General Paul Kagame and General James Kabarebe to eliminate him, he tried to flee to  Katoyi (or Gatoyi) in Masisi. He sent his trusted men to negotiate a passage through the positions occupied by Rwandan rebels of the FDLR -FOCA(see our article: Kibumba: Fightings Between M23 Factions Never Happened) with the promise to compensate the FDLR with US$150,000. The FDLR commanders rejected the offer. But at the same time, General Ntaganda’s friends within the hit squad also dissuaded him to go to Masisi where he would be an even easier target.

General Bosco Ntaganda Takes a Fateful Decision.

That is when General Ntaganda took a fateful and perhaps the most important decision of his life: to surrender to the International Criminal Tribunal through a Western Embassy.  His relatives advised him to avoid embassies from weak countries or run by ambassadors too close to General Paul Kagame as these could, under pressure,  give him up.

After much debating and weighing of options, General Ntaganda decided that the best option was to seek refuge with the US Embassy, viewed as less susceptible to pressures from the Rwandan government. The problem was how to get there.

As AfroAmerica Network had found out from sources within General Ntaganda’s faction,  General Ntaganda used the negotiations with FDLR as a ploy. He feigned to be seeking a way to escape to Masisi but crossed the border into Rwanda well before other troops. His intention was, if  the negotiations had succeeded, to let Rwandan DMI commando believe that he was in Katoyi and throw them off the track, when he is really inside Rwanda, on his way to the US Embassy in Kigali.

An Underground Network of Trusted Relatives
Hailing from Northwestern Rwanda and from the reclusive Tutsi Bagogwe’s ethnics, generally hostile to the current Rwandan  government dominated by Tutsis from Uganda and Burundi, General Ntaganda could rely on a network of incorruptible clansmen. So he was moving from relative to relative, avoiding highly circulated areas and moving in trucks carrying staples to the capital city Kigali. While the DMI killing squad was looking for him in Gisenyi, the volcanos and Masisi, he had already crossed Kinigi on his way to Kigali.

He reached Kigali late at night on Sunday, where a trusted relative was waiting for him. Early morning, the relative dropped him off close to the US Embassy, to where he walked in and asked for being sent to the International Criminal Court.

General Bosco Ntaganda, a Hunted Man Out of Options

People at the US Embassy could not believe it. What they did not know is that General Ntaganda was a hunted man, who had run out of options, running for his life, to the risk of spending  the rest of his life in prison, instead of seeing his life abruptly end in the darkness of  the torture rooms somewhere in Rwanda and his body dumped in a jungle in the DRC or along a beaten track in Masisi.

Did  the Rwandan Government want General Ntaganda roaming free in the DRC? No. General Paul Kagame wanted him dead  and along with him the numerous macabre secrets they share. Secrets about the multitude of innocent Congolese Hutu and Rwanda refugees massacred in Kiwandja, Masisi, Rutshuru, and all over North-Kivu.

Perhaps one day General Ntaganda will tell all that truth. The truth General Paul Kagame and General James Kabarebe did not want him to live to tell.

How About Minister Louise Mushikiwabo?

So, did Minister Louise Mushikwabo lie when she said that General Ntaganda was in the DRC? No. She was told so by her bosses and, according to sources close to her, she had believed it. According to sources close to her, she is furious and cursing the bosses that have made a foul out of her and made her a laughing stock around the World.
Whether it is her fault or not, one may wonder whether she is disloyal, a liar, a foul, or a laughing stock.

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  • Benzion March 28, 2013, 3:19 am

    There won’t be any justice for the congo genocide as long as “Joseph Kabila” and the ancient camrades of the patriotic army of Rwanda are in charges of the military in Congo… From James Kabarebe, Jules Mutebesi, Laurent NKunda, Bosco Ntanga, Charles Bisengimana, Ruzangiza AKA Sultani Makenga, Hypolite Kanambe AKA Joseph Kabila, these are Mr. Paul Kagame products and henchmen… They have been trained since 1992 to invade Rwanda from Uganda, then infiltrate Congo(Zaire) and occupy it by force. All these have been planed and directed with the help of united States of America, the so-called force for good(babylon the great).

  • BAZIGA March 20, 2013, 12:05 pm

    I am surprised by the inconsistency of the above statement. you say that DMI was aware of where NTAGANDA is and after you say that they were looking for him in volcanoes, Gisenyi and Masisi yet NTAGANDA was on his way to USA Embassy Kigali.

    We really need respect be serious.

  • Lado Bamenya March 19, 2013, 11:44 pm

    It is so pity to see Paul Kagame still as convener of the macabre game in that part of Africa. Many people have forgotten about General Nkunda. Is he in Paul Kagame’ s prisons or is he the President Kagme’ s host? Why this guy does not hand in General Nkunda to the ICC or to the RD Congo where the crime was committed. In addition this bloody General is a Congolese, who is under protection of the malicious, stupid, and criminal of first order Rwandan President Paul Kagame. None knows, perhaps Mr. Tony Blair who is expert in Africa Matters especially dealing with all African dictators like his bloody friend Kagame. Tony use to say Kageme President of Rwanda has lifted one millions of people (are they Rwandans?) from poverty. If so, a simple mathematics shows that over more than about 20 years President Kagame would have lifted 1 over 13 from poverty with millions of dollars poured in Rwanda economy by rich countries’ tax payers. This is really a fiasco, a shame on Kagame’s Government and lobbyist like Tony! You know well that Paul Kagame and his click are only putting systems in place, which will never be implemented, just to lure the international community, and to give opportunity to the unkind lobbyists to spread rumor that Rwanda’s economy is flying with an annual growth of 11 %. Unless, the lobbyist may emphasize that there is no where in the world a country with a very rich President like Paul Kagame of Rwanda who owns 2 jets aircrafts and industries in different countries, Rwanda has no new industries, no natural resources, nothing, only lies of Paul Kagame and Tony Blair. This is an illusion. Is his richness from corruption of from his tremendous salary for a small, slim and empty head President? Only God and Blair know! Please have a look at this photo of Rwandan children with ill health due to malnourishment and undernutrition (see Rwandan Newspaper on http://igihe.com)
    Yanditswe kuya 18-03-2013 – Saa 00:40′ na Izuba Rirashe
    in so called (and according to Rwandan Government, Paul Kame, and Tony Blair) country model of economic development in the world.
    Mu Karere ka Gasabo haracyagaragara bwaki

  • mr avalanche March 19, 2013, 11:02 am

    Very interesting articles,did kagame saw this coming? I guess no..Gen ntaganda was charged at the ICC..did this the end of war in DRC? answer is NO..What the international community want in the region is the head of snake..Which snake KABILA or KAGAME..you the answer because is going to happen soon.

  • mr avalanche March 19, 2013, 10:28 am

    dear friend from great lac region,this is good news.but our intelligence sources reported on sunday that this was possible because, Gen ntaganda was in massive pressure to escape to rwanda and surrender to USA or UK diplomat for protection but what will happen next is everybody’s guess…next to do the unthinkable is going to be the very higher official in Kigali,I cant say names Dear,see you before the end of march.