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General Eric Murokore and Major Gerard Ntashamaje Recruiting for M23 Congolese Rebels

General Eric Murokore Leading Inkeragutabara Meeting in July 2013

General Eric Murokore Leading a Meeting of RPF Youth Militia Inkeragutabara in July 2013

Sources in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have informed AfroAmerica Network that they were contacted to join M23 rebels. The contacts, by phone, were from General Eric Murokore and Major Gerard Ntashamaje. General Eric Murokore is the Commander of the ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF)  paramilitary youth militia known as “Inkeragutabara.”

According to the sources, General Eric Murokore along with Gerard Ntashamaje made phone calls  from the Rutshuru area in North-Kivu, from mobile phones registered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

“My mobile phone number was obtained from some of my relatives who have been recently forcefully recruited into M23 Congolese rebels, ” one source said.

“General Eric Murokore was the one who called,  and he said that he had a friend of mine who wanted to talk to me. He then passed me Major Gerard Ntashamaje,”  another source said.

Asked what General Eric Murokore and Major Gerard Ntashamaje  talked about, the two sources concurred:

He [General Major Eric Murokore]  told me that we should not continue to work with the genocidaires Hutus and should join M23 rebels to fight for the common cause, ” one source said Major Eric Murokore told him.

He [Major Gerard Ntashamaje] said that they [RPF leadership] are ready to welcome me back, as they did for him if I first agree to join M23 rebels,” the other source said  Major Gerard Ntashamaje told him.

The information provided by AfroAmerica Network  sources is consistent with the findings by several sources that the Rwandan top military commanders are leading the recruitments inside and outside Rwanda for M23 rebels and that top ranking Rwandan military officers are on the ground in Eastern DRC to coordinate these operations.

The Rwandan Patriotic Front youth militia under the command of  General Eric Murokore provides a recruiting ground for the M23 rebels, if not created for such purposes.

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  • Bizimana Theo August 15, 2013, 11:49 pm

    This is false allegation, nothing new, everyone who wants to know the truth should take his time to go to M23 area of control,talk with its leadership and know really the reason why it is fighting. when u fight for the right cause, none can fail, may be the battle may delay but the outcome will be the victory. Rwanda or RDF in particular has no interest to disturb the neighboring country bcz if the neighbor is in insecurity situation, you are also in insecurity, we need peace, please none should pay attention to those who always create conflicts and differences among brothers ( Rwandans and Congolese people).

    • Yeremiya August 16, 2013, 2:34 am

      Are you Bizimana Theoneste? Bizimana Jean Baptiste or Eric Murokore? Just asking, given the coincidence! Anyway, why M23 rebels are fighting may be one thing and who is funding them or recruiting for them another thing. If General Eric Murokore (or Major Gerard Ntashamaje) ever user any phone in the Kivu during that period, I guess the United Nations or the US (because they claim to have all the proofs) will have it. So, let us save our breath over it! If Rwanda wants peace, then let our Rwandan leaders invite the Rwandan rebels leaders to the negotiation table. What are our Rwandan leaders afraid of?
      Who ever wants peace should not get afraid of entering peace negotiations or initiatives.

  • Bizimana Jean Baptiste August 14, 2013, 9:08 am

    Je me demande toujours quel profit ces gens tirent des mensonges colportés contre le Rwanda et ses hauts dirigeants. J’ai toujours cherché la réponse à mes interrogations, mais je ne trouve personne pour me donner une réponse satisfaisantes. Dire qu’un général de l’armée rwandaise se trouve sur le sol d’un pays étranger pour opérer des recrutements de combattants en faveur d’un movement armé étranger, c’est ce qu’il y a de plus farfelu au monde. Que diable les FARDC et la MONUSCO ne le capturent-ils pas?

  • Yeremiya August 13, 2013, 11:05 pm

    Don’t you rather think that using a Congo registered phone would be the best way to try to operate under the radar? Otherwise, using a Rwanda registered phone to call people in Eastern DRC would be immediately flagged. Unfortunately for General Murokore and Gerard Ntashamaje, the other people at the end of the line informed Afroamerica. It will not be surprising if the two are listed in the next UN Report. Yeremiya.

  • Alex KARANGWA August 13, 2013, 8:35 am

    this is total fabrication. how foolish could these recruiters be to use Congo registered phone while they know Rwanda is under control?
    Pure fabrications like what Human Rights Watch does.
    Allow me to disagree with you guys