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M23 Rebels Licking Their Wounds, UN Undersecretary Herve Landsous Tells The Press

M23 Rebels  Licking Their Wounds

M23 Rebels Licking Their Wounds

“M23 Rebels have suffered heavy casualties;  they  were pushed back and are,  presumably,  licking their wounds … no surprise that they have pushed for negotiations with the DRC Government,” Mr. Hervé Ladsous, Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations told the press during the daily press briefing in New York City, on September 12, 2013.

Mr Herve Ladsous also added that the UN Intervention Brigade did very well while combatting the M23 rebels. He suggested that not long ago, the MONUSCO was criticized by the Congolese people in North-Kivu, but is now regarded as a hero.  He also said that the UN Intervention Brigade  did so well that even the Congolese President Laurent Kabila  has expressed his gratitude.

Regarding the availability of drones, the UN Undersecretary confirmed that there was a delay. The drones, initially expected in August 2013, will only be available in December 2013. He explained that the delay was due to procurement issues, the length of proposal documents, with some more than thousand pages, and other administrative and budgetary issues.

During the daily press briefing, it was also confirmed that the UN Special Envoy Mary Robinson is ready to brief the UN Security Council on her proposed political solution for  peace in the Great Lakes Region.

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