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Welcome to AfroAmerica Network Blog.

With this blog you start a great journey. A journey of Discovery, Brotherhood and Sisterhood, and Sharing. Sharing of ideas, opinions, knowledge and Wisdom. But most importantly a journey  to the magic region of the Great Lakes Region of Africa, arguably known as the place where all started, the birthplace of the first human, of Eve, and the true location of the Eden Garden.

It is also known as the place where Solomon’s gold mines were allegedly located. It is there where the  source of the Nile is found, the remaining mountain gorillas dwell, the World richest untapped natural resources  remain. Sadly, it is also the place where people have endured  untold suffering; a forsaken people, victims of the riches that, instead of being a blessing have become a  haunting curse.

With this blog, we hope to tell their stories,  pain,  joy, aspirations, hopes and successes.

The Great Lakes of Africa includes a vast area covering the countries of Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC),  South of Sudan, and the Central African Republic.

Welcome and Share.

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