J Peter Pham, Atlantic Council Vice President for Research and Regional Initiatives and Director of the Africa Center

According to sources, President-elect Donald Trump is allegedly considering Dr J. Peter Pham, the current Vice-President for Research and Regional Initiatives and Director, Africa Center at the Washington DC based think-tank, Atlantic Council for the position Under-Secretary of State for African Affairs.

Dr J Peter Pham, a US citizen, born in Paris,  France  from parents of Vietnamese origins, is an expert on Africa. He has successfully participated in peace processes in Liberia, Sierra Leone and other countries in Africa.  After graduating from the University of Chicago, the became a Catholic Priest, preaching in the Parish of Peoria, Illinois. It is during his time as a priest that the

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Donald Trump and President Obama at the Whitehouse, Nov 11, 2016

In August 2015, only very few news media believed Donald Trump, then one of a multitude of US Republican Presidential candidates,  was believable. AfroAmerica Network was one of them. This is what AfroAmerica Network published on August 15, 2015. "You may accuse him of other things. What is sure is that he speaks his mind, and his supporters and even the American mainstream are liking it. The person is the US Presidential candidate Donald Trump. When he srtarted, few believed that Donald Trump was serious. Then he had that speech about Mexican immigrants. Subsequently, the polls in his

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WikiLeaks Julian Assange Weights In at Green Party Presidential Nomination of Jill Stein

It was through chants of "Jill Not Hill", "No More War" , and "No TPP" that Green Party members, backers, and enthusiasts put a stamp on the nomination of Green Party presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, at the end of the Convention in Houston, on August 6th, 2016.  With  many attendees holding signs similar to ones that Sanders supporters waved as they disrupted the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Green Party members vowed to continue the "Revolution". However the highlight of the Convention was reached when Julian Assange, the controversial WikiLeaks founder, addressed the Green Party convention via satellite from the Embassy of Ecuador in London. He has been living in the embassy for the past four years,  to fight extradition to Sweden over sexual assault allegations.  

"You're asking me if I prefer cholera or gonorrhea,"  Julian Assange, who was introduced as a "hero",  responded to a question asking him to choose

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