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You just started a journey along with one of the most forsaken group of people on Earth: the Rwandan Hutu Refugees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Recently, other Rwandan ethnic groups have joined the exile and swell the  refugee population, rendered stateless for the last decades. The journey, started by an ethnic group hunted down, has become an exodus movement of three ethnic groups: Hutu,  Tutsi, Twa.

For decades, they have lived in the Congolese jungles, tracked like animals by the government in their country of Rwanda, killed, massacred, raped, preyed upon. They were forsaken by the international community, treated of all names. Yet, they survived. They lived. They are a living proof of human resilience against tyranny, greed, and absolute contempt  of human life: They are survivors.

Survivor is not enough. They long for their home.

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