AroniSmartLytics™: advanced statistics, econometrics, text analytics and big data mining tool for Mac OS new cutting edge capabilities

AroniSmartLytics™: Optimized User Interface

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AroniSmartLytics™, the leading advanced statistics, business intelligence, bayesian networks modeling, text analytics and big data mining tool built for MacOS has become even more powerful, with cutting edge Statistics , Econometrics, Data mining, Bayesian Network Models, Text Analytics. and Big Data analytics.

Optimized modules on Data and Big Data mining, Unstructured Text Analytics, Sentiment and Emotion Analytics, and Bayesian Statistics. Researchers, Scientists, Engineers, Students, Teachers, Economists, Political Analysts, Business Analysts,

Financial Analysts, Statisticians, and most of us the practitioners use statistics to answer questions, to support decision making that require data analysis or to learn. Statistics help to describe the results of, among others, investigations, experiments, and observations. By combining advanced analytical capabilities and features, AroniSmartIntelligence is the indispensable tool to support decision making and learning that require advanced analytics.

In the latest version, AroniSmartLytics 7.0.0, a new improved user interface,  more intuitive and user friendly with optimized advanced capabilities in Text Analytics and Data Mining module:

  • Sentiment and Emotion Analysis with valence
  • Advanced algorithms to handle acronyms, emojis, shortcuts, and boosters, including ALL CAPS, new shortcuts or acronyms
  • Word and Tag Cloud visualization
  • Sentiment 3D visualization 
  • Improved Bayesian, Big Data Mining and Applied Statistics algorithms.

As usual, with AroniSmartLytics™, there is no code to write. AroniSmartLytics™ is self-contained.

The features in AroniSmartLytics include:

  1. Statistical handbook that covers the most compelling statistics concepts;
  2. In depth review of nonparametric and parametric tests;
  3. Comprehensive overview of the common probability distributions;
  4. Descriptive Analysis, with ability to use own data, in CSV or Aroni format;
  5. Regression Analysis, including Mixed Effects models and multilevel modeling of hierarchical and longitudinal data;
  6. Econometrics models
  7. Text and Sentiment Analytics, with advanced algorithms to handle acronyms, emojis, shortcuts, and boosters, including ALL CAPS, new shortcuts or acronyms, such as LOL!, OMG!, etc...
  8. Tags and words Cloud visualization
  9.  3D Sentiment Network visualization
  10.  Big Data Analytics, with Map-Reduce capabilities;
  11. Machine Learning with supervised and unsupervised methods
  12. Segmentation, Clustering, Discriminant Analysis and Classification with Finite Mixture and General Mixture models;
  13. Bayesian Statistics, including Bayesian network models
  14. Graphing capabilities, including histograms, scattergrams, pie charts;
  15. Editable Analysis outputs.

The team at AroniSmartLytics™ truly believes that AroniSmartLytics™ is unique and that the user will enjoy leveraging the power of this intuitive, user friendly, yet powerful and rigorous tool to increase their knowledge and productivity and advance research and informed decision making.

AroniSmartIntelligence™ is the most advanced tool in the AroniSmart ™ series.

Welcome to AroniSmartLytics™ World of Applied Statistics, Research, Data Mining, Bayesian Statistics, Business Intelligence, and Learning. 

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