Rwandan Government blocks traffic crossing from Uganda; Rumors of a Looming Invasion

Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni, August 2013

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Rwandan Government and security forces have blocked trucks and buses carrying merchandise and passengers from crossing from Uganda. The Rwandan Government has officially given, as a reason, the upgrade of a border post and the paving of roads linking the two countries through the Gatuna Border Post

However, sources within the Rwandan government have told AfroAmerica Network that the reasons for closing the border crossing may be found somewhere else.

According to the sources, the recent deterioration of diplomatic relations among the two countries are behind the Rwandan government decision. Over the last months, Ugandan security forces have arrested Rwandans accused of being intelligence operatives, spies, and being responsible of assassinating and kidnaping several Rwandan refugees. The Rwandan government has, in turn, accused Ugandan security services of arbitrary arrests and torture.

The sources add that Rwandan government suspects Ugandan trucks and buses of carrying Ugandan intelligence operatives and commandos, in preparation of imminent attacks on Rwanda. Specifically the Rwandan government suspects that Uganda has been funding and arming Rwandan opposition groups preparing for the invasion of Rwandan in upcoming months.

In recent interviews with the media, Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame accused Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni of supporting Rwandan opposition groups who plan to invade Rwanda and threatened forceful retaliation.

"That must be resolved. Because the alternative is not something that we should even be thinking about, or entertaining,” Kagame told the East African journalists and said he is looking forward to seeing that "the matter can be resolved".

Hence, the Rwandan government has directed all the traffic from Uganda to the border post known as Kagitumba close to where many Rwandan special forces are stationed and that is easier to control than the border crossing of Gatuna.