New Rebellion Launched in Uganda?

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Sources in Fort Portal, Western Uganda tell AfroAmerica Network that a new rebellion has opened a front in Western Uganda over the last few weeks. The new rebellion has allegedly been attacking the positions and barracks of the Ugandan army UPDF, in and around  the town of Mubende, in  Bundibugyo district. 

The rebels have also been destroying police stations, killing police officers, and seizing a lot of weapons abandoned by the fleeing troops and police.

Bundibugyo, a pocket of rebellions.

Bundibugyo district lies close to the Ruwenzori mountains, near the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). For two decades, the area has been a stronghold of another armed rebellion, the Allied Democratic Front (ADF), that has been battling the UPDF. ADF rebels benefited from the porous border with the DRC, and have conducted their military activities inside both  DRC and Uganda. In recent months, ADF has been the target of United Nations Intervention Brigade (UN IB) and DRC government troops, FARDC. UN IB and FARDC have managed to destroy most of the positions of ADF inside Eastern DRC. Hence, it is believed that the new rebellion is either ADF regrouping or an ADF splinter group.

Worsening Situation.

The new rebellion has launched several attacks over the last weeks. However, the attack on Saturday July 5 , 2014 was the most intense and effective.  The rebels destroyed several police stations and army barracks and seized weapons and a local radio, the Voice of Bundibugyo. They used the radio to broadcast their pamphlet. 

Although the sources pointed to a well organized and coordinated rebellion, Ugandan government officials and UPDF commanders have denied that organized rebels were involved. Government officials and military spokespersons rather alluded to a bloody conflict between two local tribes, the Bamba and the Bakonzo. However, witnesses wondered why these tribes would attack the police stations and UPDF positions in the area and seize a local radio.

Growing Opposition.

The political situation in Uganda has been deteriorating recently, in anticipation of upcoming presidential elections, that the actual President Yoweri Museveni is expected to contest.
The opposition has accused Yoweri Museveni of being a dictator who wants to hang on to power  or enthrone his son.  Some opposition leaders, such as General Sejusa Tinyefuza,  have vowed to launch an armed opposition if Yoweri Museveni remains in power. Others, including the current Ugandan Prime Minister and Secretary General of  the ruling NRM party, Amama Mbabazi, have been working the grassroots  and are expected to challenge Yoweri Museveni in the upcoming presidential elections.

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