Chief Moose, the AfroAmerica Network Black Man of the Year 2002.

AfroAmerica Network, December 22,  2002.

His name is Charles Alexander Moose. His is the 15th Police Chief of Montgomery County, Maryland USA.Unlike most police Chiefs across the USA, he is an academic. He holds a Ph.D. in Urban Studies and Criminology and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Portland.  He teaches Criminal Justice at the Montgomery College.

Despites multiple achievements and credentials, however, people and history will arguably retain the image of Chief Moose as the one who caught the snipers who had terrorized the United States of America for three weeks of late Summer 2002.

The USA President George Bush praised him, the media hailed him, and the people in Washington, D.C., after buying thousands of T-Shirts with his effigy urged him to run for President in USA upcoming elections.

The 49 years old black Charles Moose is married to Sandra-Herman Moose, a white civil-rights lawyer. He and his wife are civil rights activists, having fought very hard against racial profiling and mistreatment of minorities by police both in Portland and Montgomery.

Charles Moose was the police chief in Portland before coming to Montgomery in 1999. The wife, who e recently graduated from law school was,  for seven years director of Portland's police review board, a watchdog agency.Both hail from North Carolina. Moose is the son of a high school teacher and grew up in Lexington, about 35 miles southwest of Greensboro. She is the daughter of a logger. They met in graduate school in 1982 in  Portland, Oregon, where she had had moved and where Moose had gone to seek better opportunities: to be a policeman.

ŠAfroAmerica Network, December  2002.
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