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FDLR-FOCA Spokesperson Mr Laforge Fils Bazeye Does Not Know What He is Talking About

Paul Kagame and Sylvester Mudacumura  in Arusha, Tanzania in 1993

Paul Kagame and Sylvester Mudacumura in Arusha, Tanzania in 1993

In the FDLR-FOCA  press release of July 14, 2013 by Mr LaForge Fils Bazeye, the spokesperson of  FDLR-FOCA Commander General Mudacumura, attacking AfroAmerica Network, it is clear that Mr. LaForge Fils Bazeye  does not know what he is talking about.

The question before FDLR-FOCA commanders and troops is the following: Is FDLR-FOCA divided?

FDLR-FOCA commanders and troops know how divided or undivided their troops are. What AfroAmerica Network can confirm is the following:

  • The leaked DRC UN Experts’ report,  a copy of which AfroAmerica Network has,   is clear: FDLR-FOCA command is deeply divided and General Mudacumura is isolated at the top (NDLR: along with Mr. Laforge Fils Bazeye);
  • Our sources on the ground are even  clearer: General Mudacumura has lost  touch with the troops and is only informed of the attacks and military operations after the fact. The recent operations inside Rwanda were planned, commanded, and executed by the commander of the FDLR-FOCA North Kivu Sector, General Ntawugunka “Omega” Pacifique Israel, without the knowledge of General Mudacumura.  The spokeperson Mr. Laforge Fils Bazeye was not even aware of the attacks until he learned it from the media (probably AfroAmerica Network). First he denied the attacks in the media because, simply, he was not aware of them. Then,  after asking for information probably from General Israel Pacifique Omega, who confirmed the attacks,  he recontacted the media to contradict his earlier statements and then confirmed the attacks.
  • Why was not Mr LaForge and General Mudamura aware of the attacks? Because he and General Mudacumura were kept out of the planning and execution. Why were they  kept out of the decisions? AfroAmerica Network will come back to this in due time. Meanwhile, our readers may refer to this article (FDLR Commander General Mudacumura Allegedly Negotiating His Surrender to Rwandan Defense Forces of  AUGUST 2, 2011)
  • Our readers may  remember that AfroAmerica Network was the first of the news media in the entire World to report on the attacks. In fact, AfroAmerica Network was informed of the attacks by our sources inside Rwanda just as these attacks were happening. It is the same for the subsequent two attacks. According to our sources  within the Rwandan Defense Forces (RDF), FDLR-FOCA and RUD-Urunana, the latest and fourth June 2013 attack inside Rwanda  was launched  by Armee National-Imbonezagutabara  composed of RUD-Urunana and RPR-Inkeragutabara troops.
  • The fact that Mr Laforge says that FDLR-FOCA troops are under the command of General Achille Musenyeri, instead of General Mudacumura is indicative of the problems within FDLR-FOCA. When was General Mudacumura, the overall commander, replaced by General Achille Musenyeri? Achille Musenyeri aka Mujyambere Leopold replaced the late General Leodomir Mugaragu whose position as Chief of Staff has no control over the operational  troops according to FDLR-FOCA own commanders and troops. What has changed?

Trying to link AfroAmerica Network to RUD-Urunana does not explain the real issue of the division within FDLR-FOCA. This is reminiscent of the attempts by the UN Experts on the DRC  to make the connection between RUD-Urunana leaders and Afroamerica Network  in order to refute a factual story published by AfroAmerica Network on a rogue staff within MONUC. Unfortunately for these experts, the story was  true and it did not go away. Instead, the MONUC agent was sanctioned.

In concluding, AfroAmerican can concur with Mr. Laforge Fils Bazeye that FDLR-FOCA and, by the way, RUD-Urunana,  remain  formidable forces, and both have been  invigorated by their recent successes over Rwandan Defense Forces, as we clearly outlined it in our story (Invigorated by Recent Successes Against Rwandan Defense Forces, Rwandan Rebels Close in to Rwandan Border of JULY 5, 2013). However , FDLR-FOCA is  currently not  operating under a unified command.

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