AroniSmartIntelligence™: Optimized Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, and Data Science Capabilities; A New Capability With Speech-to-Text Transcription

AroniSmartIntelligence™: Speech To Text Transcription Module

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AroniSmartIntelligence ™ is one of the most advanced analytics tools with Machine Leaning, Data Science, Statistics, Econometrics,  NLP Text and Sentiment analysis, Neural Network, and Support Vector Machine capabilities. To support NLP Text and Sentiment analysis, a new capability has been added: Speech-to-Text Transcription.

AroniSmartIntelligence Speech Recognition and Transcription is being added to address key requirements and meet the needs for more advanced NLP Text and Sentiment analytics.

AroniSmartIntelligence ™, available on Apple's App Store®,  is intended, very useful, and handy for experts, professionals,  and college and graduate students in Statistics, Machine Learning, Quantitative Business Analytics, Data Science, Econometrics, STEM, Operations Research, and other related fields. It includes a detailed Handbook and a well crafted and instructive User's Manual. It is a cutting-edge analytical tool for advanced analytics and developing actionable insights without the hassle of coding. For more visit here AroniSmartIntelligence™: Optimized Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, and Data Science Capabilities Including Econometrics, Bayesian Models, Neural Network Models, Marketing Mix Models, and NLP Analytics  

 AroniSmartIntelligence™ Speech Recognition and Transcription?

Machine Learning and Data Science Models  are fastly improving and becoming the center of advanced analytics, business intelligence, decision making, management science, data science, and other areas in which sound informed decisions are needed.  Among the advances in modeling are Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Other Text Analytics.

 Speech recognition, also known as automatic speech recognition (ASR), computer speech recognition, or speech-to-text, is a capability which enables a program to process human speech and transcribe it into a written format.  

AroniSmartIntelligence has a module focusing on Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Until recently, the module required the data to be into a written format. With the new capability of speech recognition, it will be possible to translate the voice and speech recording into text and then proceed with NLP.

The Text Analysis and NLP module in AroniSmart including the following modelling capabilities:

  •  Sentiment Analysis;
  • Text to Words Vector;
  • Multinomial Naives Bayes;
  • Stochastic Gradient Descent;
  • Discriminant  Multinomial Naives Bayes.

 AroniSmartIntelligence™ With Speech Transcription capability will address a major need.

The data generated by billions and billions of sources today comes in all types of formats. The traditional databases used to contain structured and numeric data. Today, this structured information is a tiny portion of available data. Data and information created today are mostly composed of unstructured text documents, RSS feeds, email, video, audio, stock ticker data, financial transactions, ams, etc.

Hence, the tools and resources to gather, manage, merge, structure, update, and maintain these structured and unstructured varieties of data have become the focus of several businesses. 
With the module, it will be easy to transcript speeches from video and audio records into texts, for further modeling and advanced analytics and generating  insights needed by Decision makers to make strategic or tactical decisions. 



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AroniSmartIntelligence, the leading tool for Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning & Data Science

Statisticians, Data Scientists, Business and Financial Analysts,  Savvy Investors, Engineers, Researchers,  Students, Teachers, Economists, Political Analysts,  and most of  the practitioners use Advanced Analytics to answer questions, to support informed  decision making or to learn.

AroniSmartIntelligence™ is a leading Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Data Science tool, with optimized cutting edge Statistics models, Econometrics, Big Data and Text Analytics.

AronismartIntelligence™ includes modules covering Machine Learning,  Big Data mining, Bayesian Statistics, Neural Network Models, Unstructured Text Analysis, Sentiment and Emotion Analytics,  and other advanced analytics.

AroniSmartIntelligence™  Speech Transcription capability implementation.

 Speech Transcription or Speech-to-text, a speech recognition  capability implemented in AroniSmartIntelligence™, will enable the recognition and translation of spoken language in several languages, with a special focus on English,  into text through computational linguistics.
The  Speech-to-text capability of AroniSmartIntelligence requires a recorded voice or speech saved on the computer on which AroniSmartIntelligence  is installed, preferably in mp3, m4a, wav. Make sure the required assets for the selected language are available. For example, if international connection is available for language locals not available the area where the analytics are being accomplished.

How will the results from the  Speech Transcription capability used  in AroniSmartIntelligence™?

The transcripts could be fed into the Text Mining/NLP processing module for further Text Mining and Analysis and NLP.  

Text Mining capabilities in the Text Analytics module and Bayesian Network Models implemented in AroniSmartIntelligence are dedicated to processing, mining, and generating insights from Big Data, including unstructured and text files. Bayesian Models may also be used on structured data that meet specific requirements. The data requirements conditions for each model are documented through messages, tool tips, and documentation. FAQs and other relevant documents can be found on the AroniSoft ( ) Website.

Below is an example of speech recognition, executed in AroniSmartIntelligence™. The transcript is based on the speech  by former President Barack Obama on 8 Years of Economic Progress (see here

Speech Translation Example





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What is next?

The new version of AroniSmartIntelligence™ that includes improved Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Data Science  is available on Apple's App Store®.

More detailed information on the capabilities of  AroniSmartIntelligence™ is available in the tool on Apple®'s App Store and on the AroniSoft web site(  

Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

More detailed use cases, real life applications,  and AroniSmart Tools in actions  can be found on  on the AroniSmart web site ( Check the following tabs: ABOUT US, SOLUTIONS, SCITECH, MONEY


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