Empire is Back: Are You Ready for Poignant Drama

Empire Season 4 Ready - Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson (Fox).

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Are you ready for another roller coaster season with  the phenomenal TV Show called "Empire"? If not, do. Please do! Please be ready! The runaway success of the  show about a family-run hip-hop music company that has  surprised the experts since it has started to air in 2015. It has consistently hit all the records and has always left us with a hunger and thirst  for more.

Season 3 ended with a tragic event: Lucious had finally recovered some sense of humanity after years of putting his sons, ex-wife, and others around him through hell. He had decided to make up with and make it up to Cookie. He had decided to let it go and let the sons run the business. Then, a criminal car explosion left him in a coma.

What is next?

Will Cookie, now the empress, successfully balance running the empire and caring for the man she loves? What will the sons do now, without the grip of the father. How will they protect the empire against all the predators lurking around and seeking a piece of it? Find out tonight!

Empire, the mostly Black main cast show, is expected to continue to be the success it has been. Get your chair ready and be amazed!