Coming 2 America Movie: Highlights of Rising Achievements and Importance of Women, Especially Black Women, in the World

Coming 2 America movie: Akeem and Meeka

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Coming to America movie, released in 1998, was a master piece. It was one of the first movies to show Black people as independent people, with structured societies, not slaves, savages or just happy to serve as  butlers. Coming To America set a precedent and solidified the foundation on Black society and culture.  It started a movementComing 2 America is a sequel. It goes further.  It is a movie to watch by almost every one. 

Coming To America set a precedent and solidified the foundation on Black society and culture.  It started a movementThe movie set a standard that was to be followed by others, such as Black Panther (see here: Black Panther Movie Highlights Challenges Faced by Resources Rich Africa and Blacks in the World ). 

 The strength, intelligence, influence, and independence of Blacks is already established in Coming To America. Now it is about strong Women characters, who deserve their place in the society, including as rulers of powerful nations , intelligent, Blacks.  Coming 2 America built on the foundation and continued the movement by highlighting the deserved recognition of Women, for their role in buidling a strong Black societies, nations, and families. With a predominantly Black cast and strong women characters, it is inspirational for Blacks: young boys, girls, and adults.

A foundation built on the story in Coming to America

In the 1998 Coming to America, Prince Akeem, starred by Eddie Murphy,  is the prince of a wealthy fictional African country of Zamunda. Fleeing an arranged marriage, he wants a wife who loves him for who he is,  not for what he is: a prince.  Prince Akeem flees to New York, Queens,  accompanied by his sidekick and trusted confidant, Semmi, played by Arsenio Hall.  He disguised himself as a student and worked in a fast foods restaurant. That is, in Queens, where he found his "queen", Lisa, played by Shari Headley, the daughter of the owner. The marriage will not be easily accepted by the key people including Lisa, when she discovered the identity of Prince Akeem and, especially, his father, the King of Zamunda, played by James Earl Jones, stuck on traditional customs. However, there was a twist and the marriage happens.

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Coming 2 America sequel is set,  30 years later, when Prince Akeem became King of Zamunda, after his father passes away.  Starting in the wonderland of  Zamunda, the newly-crowned King Akeem, still played by Eddie Murphy,  and his forever trusted confidante  and royal courtier Semmi, still played by Arsenio Hall, they travel to Queens, New York, - again! -, to find an illegitimate son, now 31 years old, Lavelle Johnson, played Jermaine Fowler. 

King Akeem wants a son to ascend to the throne, instead of his more than deserving daughter, Meeka, just to stick to an outdated tradition. Meeka has shown that she is capable to rule the country and has even defeated General Izzi,  played by Wesley Snipes, a dictator ruling a fictional rival country of Nextdoria. She even managed to bring General Izzi to open Nextdoria for a peaceful political and trading relationship with Zamunda. 


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The good end of the story in Coming 2 America

upon his return to Zamunda, King Akeem, recognizes the strength, capabilities, wisdom, and abilities of Princess Meeka. He    changes the royal succession tradition by allowing Princess Meeka to be the legitimate heir to the throne, while making his son Prince Lavelle Johnson an ambassador of the Kingdom of Zamunda to the United States.  

 Watching the movie, the viewers are easily able to connect the myth to the contemporary issues faced by African countries in the middle of the geopolitical interests. The movie speaks eloquently to the moment, the dynamics, and chaos generated by dictators seeking to dominate their neighbors through threats and forced, corrupt, nefarious, amoral,  or illegimiated relations, instead of relationships based on common interest.

However, the lesson is clear: Women have the power, the capacities, and the wisdom to change the situation. It is a reminder of the other movie, in different settings: see Hidden Figures: A Movie About the Genius, Resilience, and Humanity of Black Women.

2021 Coming 2 America, like the 1998 Coming to America , is an inspirational movie to watch.  The movie is available on Amazon Prime.