Julius Malema: AfroAmerica Network Man of Year 2019

Julius Malema condemning xenophobia in South Africa, in Sep 2019

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Julius Malema is young. Despite his youth, he is one of the top peaceful freedom fighters in Africa. He has been the leader of those seeking and struggling for social justice and equality. He is at the forefront of rejecting any form of discrimination, racism, and prejudice in South Africa. He has dedicated his life to fighting corruption. For that, he has called for a new revolution in South Africa and in Africa in general

A PanAfricanist.

A staunch PanAfricanist, Julius Malema, last and this year, especially in August and September 2019, took the leadership to publicly and unequivocally condemn rising and violent xenophobia that has spread in cities across South Africa, leading to several deaths, wide spread looting and destruction of properties owned by Africans migrants in South Africa. South African Blacks blamed other African migrants for the high unemployment among Black South Africans.

Julius Malema made the point that South Africans need to watch out since once the xenophobic attacks are done with foreign nationals, such as Nigerians and Zimbabweans, the anger will  turn to small tribes within his country as  people  may start blaming other tribes for the unemployment crisis.

He added that  attacks on foreign nationals to drive them out of the country would not solve the unemployment crisis in the country and that poverty, hunger and inequality would remain,  if not addressed with adequate policies,  instead of  xenophobia. 

Julius Malema firmly added that he would never joining anyone seeking to physically harms another African person, including white people in the country. "The xenophobic attacks are uncalled for and barbaric, ” he said.

An Young African Leader, from an Early Age

Julius Sello Malema was born on 3 March 1981. He joined the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party from the age of nine. He was expelled from the party in April 2012 at the age of thirty-one, following his public criticism of ANC leaders, especially the then South African President Jacob Zuma. 

ANC stated that the expulsion was driven by Julius Malema expressing views at a press conference of the ANC Youth League on July 31,  2011 "which sought to portray the ANC government and its leadership under President Zuma in a negative light in relation to the African agenda and which had the potential to sow division and disunity in the ANC, and for expressing his personal views on Botswana which contravened ANC policy."

In  July 2013, Julius Malema launched his own party, Economic Freedom Fighters, under which he serves as a Member of South Africa Parliament.

He is a Pan Africanist, whose views at times are perceived to be radical and highly controversial, especially those related to land and mines redistribution in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and other countries in the region or race relations.

In 2011, Forbes Magazine  listed him as one of "10 Youngest Power Men In Africa".