Jordan Haworth Peele: AfroAmerica Network Black Man of Year 2023

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  Jordan Haworth Peele, 44, is an American actor, comedian, and filmmaker. He is best known for the outstandingly successful horror movies "Get Out"", "US" and "Nope" and the hilarious Key & Peele comedy sketches with Keegan-Michael Key. He has received several awards, nominations, and acclaims for a wide range of his work.  From the comedy sketch duo with Keegan-Michael Key,  Jordan Peele self-proclaimed  himself the “black nerd”.  Since then, he has used and is expanding his skills to reach and conquer territories where no black movie producer has shined before:  the horror film genre.

  Jordan Haworth Peele is among the blacks in Hollywood who have created, produced or directed entertainment movies and shows that showcase the African-American experience and the role of the black culture in America.

The movies "Get Out"", "US" and "Nope" by Jordan Peele and  "Key and Peel" comedy have joined the stellar entertainments of other Black creators, including  filmmakers Ava DuVernay and Ryan Coogler,  “Atlanta’s” Donald Glover, “Black-ish” creator Kenya Barris, “Insecure’s” Issa Rae,  and “Luke Cage” showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker.

Ava DuVernay, AfroAmerica Network Woman of Year 2019,  is a director, producer, and screenwriter,  known as the first Black woman to win the Best Feature Directing award at Sundance in 2012, the first Black woman to get a Best Director Golden Globe nomination, the first woman of color to direct a Oscar-nominated best picture film, and the first woman to direct a film that grossed more than $100 million domestically (see Ava DuVernay, AfroAmerica Network Woman of Year 2019). Jordan Haworth Peele is on the same path.

Although not a musician,  Jordan Haworth Peele has also left a music imprint.  He was nominated for a 2008 Emmy Award in Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics, for his comic song "Sad Fitty Cent", a music video parody in which he acts as "50 Cent" lamenting over his rivalry with  Kanye West. 


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Jordan Haworth Peele: A Life Dedicated to  Building Shows Movies Based on the Black Experience  While  Targeting  a  Wider Audience  With Relatable Stories, Experiences, and Fictions 

Jordan Haworth Peele was born in New York City on February 21, 1979, from a mixed couple, his mother, Lucinda Williams, being  white and his father, Hayward Peele, Jr., an African american. He was raised by his single mother on Manhattan's Upper West Side. 

 He attended the Computer School in Manhattan, graduated from The Calhoun School on Manhattan's Upper West Side and went on to Sarah Lawrence College,  where he majored in puppetry.  Jordan Peele dropped out from the school to pursue his dreams, forming a  comedy duo with Rebecca Drysdale, a  Sarah Lawrence classmate and a future  writer of the Key & Peele.
 In 2003, Jordan Haworth Peele entered the highly visible word of comedy,  as a cast member on the Fox sketch comedy series Mad TV. He left the show in 2008 and spent the  following years with Keegan-Michael Key, also an actor on Mad TV,  creating and starring in Key & Peele, their own Comedy Central sketch comedy series.  Key & Peele  comedy was successful and critically acclaimed. It won a Peabody Award and two Primetime Emmy Awards.

Later, Jordan Haworth Peele  and Keegan-Michael Key  wrote, produced, and starred in the comedy film Keanu (2016) and  partnered on several other projects.
In 2012, Jordan Peele founded  Monkeypaw Productions, a film and television production company. 

 In 2017, Jordan Peele directed the the horror film Get Out. The movie was a critical and box office success. Viewers and critics worldwide have frequently cited and praised "Get Out" as one of the best films of the 21st century.  He received multiple awards and nominations  including the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and the nominations for Best Picture and Best Director. 

In 2018 he produced  BlacKkKlansman, the drama movie by Spike Lee. With BlacKKKlansman, he  won another Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. 
 In 2019, Jordan Peele directed his second film, "Us", a horror-thriller film which he also wrote and produced, starring Lupita Nyong'o, a Mexican-Kenyan actress, Winston Duke from Trinidad and Tobago, Elisabeth Moss, an American actor and producer,  and Tim Heidecker, an American comedian, writer, director, actor, and musician.

In February 2020, Peele produced  Hunters, a 10-episode series about hunting down Nazis. He also produced Lovecraft Country, the HBO series  written by Underground co-creator Misha Green.
 In 2021, Jordan Peele, through his Monkeypaw Productions, co-produced and co-wrote the 2021 sequel to Candyman, a supernatural horror-slasher film series. In 2022, he wrote, produced and co-starred in  Wendell and Wild (2022), an adult stop motion-animated horror comedy film.

His third film, Nope, was released in July 2022
 For the movies he produced,  Jordan Peele has won a Primetime Emmy Award and been nominated for two British Academy Film Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. Get Out has been described as critical of post-racial America, the concept of "colorblindness" and neoliberalism.
 At the Game Awards 2023, Jordan Peele announced that he would be collaborating with Hideo Kojima, a Japanese video game designer on his next video game, known as "OD"",   which is expected to be a horror video game, mixing games and cinema into “A New Form Of Media".

Jordan Peele's fourth film, in which he expected to showcase his directorial effort,  is set to be released on Christmas 2024, on Wednesday, December 25, 2024, based on the announcement by  Universal Pictures.

According to several sources, the upcoming fourth movie by Jordan Peele will reinforce his successes  within the horror and comedy genre and build on his previous works.

Like in his previous movies, Jordan Peele will once again focus on the Black experience within the horror genre,  while,  at the same time,  targeting a  wider audience with relatable stories, experiences, and fictions. 

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