Quinta Brunson: AfroAmerica Network Woman of Year 2023

Quinta Brunson and Abbot Elementary Cast at the 2023 SAG Awards Ceremony

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  Quinta Brunson, 33, is an American writer, producer, actress, and star comedian. She is best known for creating, executive producing, co-writing the smash hit show Abbott Elementary. She has been nominated for and has won several awards in movies and shows, both as an actress and a writer..

 Quinta Brunson was born and raised in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, on December 21, 1989. Her single mother Norma Jean Brunson was a teacher for 40 years in the Philadelphia school district.

The show Abbott Elementary is set in that district.  The fictional name of the school in the show,  Abbot, came from Joyce Abbott, who was Quinta Brunson’s sixth-grade teacher,  reportedly currently retired after 25 years of teaching at the school. Hence, Abbot Elementary was born from the inspiration from the people in the life of Quinta Brunson, on which she based the creation, producing, co-writing, and starring.

Abbott Elementary has been a successful show and has been widely praised by the critics and viewers. It has attracted viewers from all demographics and age groups. 

The show, in its third season, has won several awards and nominations, including  seven comedy-series Emmy nominations and three wins in 2023: Best Writing, Best Casting, and Best Supporting Actress (for Sheryl Lee Ralph in her role as Janine’s wise mentor Barbara Howard).


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Quinta Brunson:  Focus on Living  the Moment and Caring About the People Around  When One Still Has Time.

Quinta Brunson started to gain fame with a self-produced Instagram series "Girl Who Has Never Been on a Nice Date", and a production and acting  in the content for BuzzFeed Video. She  developed two streaming series with BuzzFeed Motion Pictures.

In September 2022, at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards, Quinta Brunson became the first Black woman to be nominated three times in the comedy category. As an executive producer of Abbott Elementary on ABC, she received the nominations for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series Outstanding Comedy Series , and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. She won the award of  Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

In 2022,  Quinta Brunson was also honored with a 2022 Peabody Award for her work in Abbott Elementary.  Abbot Elementary had secured 7 total nominations, including 6 major nominations.Times Magazine included Quinta Brunson on the Time 100 Most Influential People of 2022 list. 

Quinta Brunson has acted or provided voices in several movies and TV series. These include iZombie, Single Parents,  Miracle Workers,  Lazor Wulf, Magical Girl Friendship, and  A Black Lady Sketch Show. 

In 2023, Quinta Brunson hosted one of the most successful episodes of SNL season. In the episode monologue, she revealed her closest ties with  former President Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey.  She also the main focus on 29th Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony in which they were presented the Ensemble in A Comedy Series award.

In her book "She Memes Well", Quinta Brunson highlights the impact living  the moment and caring about the people around you when one still has time.  She wrote: “You never know which people, places, and experiences are going to shift your perspective until after you’ve left them behind and had some time to look back.

Quinta Brunson has also used her influence to support social matters. She has been vocal in fighting for the fair pay for teachers and actors.


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