Baltimore And the Four Women Poised To Change The Course of Policing In USA

Marilyn Mosby - Baltimore Chief Prosecutor

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They are smart, dedicated, articulate, women, and leaders. The fact that they are also Black may be a coincidence, but also a historical convergence, that augurs the things to come. These four Black women are bound by the death of Freddie Gray, a 25 Black man, while in the custody of the Baltimore police. The death was followed by protests by citizens seeking justice  and violent riots, burning, and looting of Baltimore shops and police cars by angry citizens, mostly young, over yet another young unarmed Black man killed by the Police in the United States.

 The four women are: 


  •  Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, 45, the Mayor of Baltimore. Known for her quiet but decisive leadership she has vowed to give space and voice  to those seeking justice and asked the US Government to investigate Baltimore police department Stephanie Rawlings BlakeMayorBaltimore May2015
  • Marilyn Mosby, 35,  Baltimore Chief Prosecutor. Coming from a family of police officers, she did not hesitate to charge  police officers for the death of Freddie Gray. Marilyn Mosby Baltimore Chief Prosecutor, May1, 2015
  • Major-General Linda Singh, 50, Adjutant General of Maryland and Commander of Maryland National Guard. She was called in to bring quiet and order into a Baltimore in turmoil. She brought order with calm and  unprecedented leadership, and without using force. Major-General Linda singh Commander, Maryland National Guard
  • Loretta Lynch, 55, US Attorney General. Only two days on the job, she quickly  took charge of Baltimore crisis and has vowed to get to the bottom of the core issues. LorettaLynchAttorneyGeneralBaltimoreMay52015