Twitter Gaffes by African Ministers and Others: South African Mbalula, Rwandan Mushikiwabo and American Justine Sacco

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The Sports Minister of South Africa, Fikile Mbalula almost provoked a diplomatic incident with Kenya when he suggested, on Twitter, that Kenya sends its athletes to drown in Olympics's pool. It is not the first time he made Twitter gaffes after suggesting that South African Soccer players were a bunch of losers and a laughing stock in Africa after they lost to Nigeria in African Nations Championship.

In a bizarre turn of events following the assassination of Rwandan ex-spy chief, Patrick Karegeya,  the self styled Rwandan Foreign Affairs  Minister  Louise Mushikiwabo has bluntly attacked and chastised the orphans of Patrick Karegeya on Twitter.  Louise Mushikiwabo,  a Foreign Affairs Minister widely  known for her undiplomatic words  and demeanor and for sometimes being loudmouthed and arrogant, has attacked the children of the deceased in a series of tweets obtained by AfroAmerica Network.  The children, including the son, Elvis Karegeya who lives in the United States and the daughter, Portia Karegeya who lives in Canada were reacting to the statement of Louise Mushikiwabo, both on and outside Twitter, when the latter erupted in a fury of offensive and derogatory tweets.

Justine Sacco, the communications director for InterActiveCorp (IAC) sent a a tweet: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” She was accused of being racist. She apologized but was fired.

Moral of the Story: Use Twitter wisely. Respect your neighbor.