AroniSmartIntelligence™ in Action: Key Stocks September 17, 2021; Machine Learning, Bayesian Network, Stock Segmentation, Market Sentiment Analyses

AroniSmartInvest™ in Action: Stocks, Market and Sentiment Analysis September 17, 2021

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Summer 2021 is ending. As expected,  the stock market momentum  that started in  early May 2021 appears to finally be slowing down, as the volatility continues to increase. The factors that have affected the overall market since early 2021, such as COVID-19 pandemic new waves,  the job market, the growing inflation, Chinese government actions on Tech and e-commerce companies,  and the overall economic policies appear to have finally caught up with the market. This may be the driver of the observed sell-offs.

AroniSmart™ team, leveraging the Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Science, Bayesian Network Analysis, Neural Network Analysis, Text Analytics, and Sentiment and Valence Analysis capabilities of the new improved  AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartIntelligence™,   looked at the stock performance, market sentiment index and events driving the stock market as of September 17, 2021 ( For More on AroniSoft LLC and AroniSmart products click here).  The key stocks driving the market at the end of Summer 2021 were identified.

 On September 17, 2021, the key stock market indices have registered  losses, following weeks of record performances (Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.48%, Nasdaq: 0.91 %, S&P 500: 0.91%, and Russel 2000 gained 0.18%). The futures do not look better either (as of September 19,  2021 the futures look as follows: Dow Jones Industrial Average:  -1.12%, Nasdaq: -0.74 %, S&P 500: -0.89%, and Russel 2000: -1.18%). 

AroniSmart team has continued to build on earlier analyses in 2021( see AroniSmartInvest™ in Action: Summer 2021 Approaching End with Declining Sentiment as Key Stock Prices Continue to Soar; Machine Learning, Bayesian Network, Stock Segmentation, Market Sentiment Analyses)AroniSmart™ team's analyses show that the market sentiment  across all sectors and areas, except for cryptocurrencies and IPOs, has  fiinally declined to negative territories, driven by increasing uncertainty and volatility, sell-offs, US economic policies, and international markets concerns.


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 A little bit of the insights on the market events and sentiments, from AroniSmart™ team's findings, based on the data as of September 17, 2021. 

AroniSmart™ team analyzed the key stories and news on the stock markets, leveraging the Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Science,  Bayesian Network Analysis, Neural Network Analysis, Text Analytics, and Sentiment and Valence Analysis capabilities of  AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartIntelligence™ and uncovered actionable insights.

General Market Events and Sentiments

In general,  the Market Sentiment is below positive across several sectors and sites,  especially in news related to the stock market, the inflation, the political negotiations on budgets,  international markets dynamics,  and the pandemic. The sentiment on stock related news has declined to negative areas  across the board( average positivity < 50%). Only the Cryptocurrency and IPOs related news have higher positivitity (>50%).  The analysis cleary identifies multiple dynamics, for the stock profile, the segmentation of stocks, the market profile and the sentiment in general.  Although  the market sentiment has some areas with general positivity trends, it remains slightly below positivity due to uncertainty and mixed positions.

The key stocks tickers, with high overall index in the AroniSmartInvest Tags word cloud and Bayesian Network analysis, as of September 17, 2021 can be uncovered leveraging  the Bayesian Network and Sentiment Analysis of AroniSmartInvest. 


Sentiment Words Clouds Stocks To Watch Small 2021 09 17

Figure 1: Stocks to Watch and Sentiment Analysis as of  September 17, 2021

AroniSmartIntelligence™ Analysis of Positive and Negative Sentiment words.

As depicted in the Words Cloud and Tags view above and below (Figure 1 and Figure 2),  the positivity (see words in green) continue to be driven by words such as  saving, hot, modern, interest, gain,  boost, boom, bolster,  support,  upbeat, uphold, top, improve, enthusiasm, smart, smooth, oustmart, etc. The words point to the performance of the stock market, new innovations, and the continued government support to improve economic performance. 

The negativity appears to come from the  volatility, debt, risk, sudden news, inflation, bonds market,   overal uncertainty on the new waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, international markets especially news from China.  

Sentiment Word Clouds 2 2021 08 27

Figure 2:  Words Cloud and Sentiment Analysis as of  September 17, 2021

AroniSmartInvest™ in Action: Key Stocks Driving the Market Sentiment

Based on  AroniSmart™ team's  analysis, it was found that most sectors  continue to drive the markets, most importanly TECH, EV, Transportation, Retail, and  Healthcare.  Some sectors have negative impact while others, such as TECH and Healthcare,  appear to have mixed  effects, with a combbination of a strong and steady momentum and sell-offs.

A sample of stocks highly active on September  17, 2021 are shown in the figures below:  


All Stocks 1 2021 09 17


Figure 3-a:   Active stocks  to watch based on AroniSmart Sentiment Analysis as of August 27, 2021:  Sample Ticker symbols T-X

All Stocks 1 2021 09 17


Figure 3-b:   Active stocks to watch based on  AroniSmart Sentiment Analysis as of September 17, 2021:  Ticker symbols from A

More detailed analyses, including stock segmentation and profile analysis can be conducted using  Big Data, Machine Learning, Time Series and Sentiment Analysis capabilities of  AroniSmartInvest and AroniSmartIntelligence™.  



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