AroniSmartInvest™ Technology News: Apple California Streaming Event and Apple Stock Dynamics

Apple September 14, 2021 California Streaming Event

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Apple, Inc ( AAPL )  will hold  the first Fall event on  September 14, 2021, starting at 10:00 AM PDT. Many products are expected to be unveiled. One of the most important is iPhone 13.  Others include Apple Watch Series 7 and AirPods 3. Meanwhile after the event was confirmed , Apple stock has reached new records highs with the day range of $154.39 - $157.26, closing at $156.69, reinforcing the new trends uncovered in AroniSmart Analyses. Then, as the day of the event approaches, Apple stock price has started to fall, significantly, closing at $148.97 on September 10, 2021.

Apple California Streaming Event :  Complex Dynamics as the Event Gets Closer.

Apple (AAPL) stock has been experiencing complex dynamics since the beginning of the year  (see here and ).

Following the June-quarter earnings report, Apple (AAPL) stock price reached new record highs, before dropping in the week leading to the Apple's first fall event next week. Investors may now be wondering what is next, for the stock, following the event.

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Apple California Streaming Event :  News, Reports, and Rumors fueling the market.

In the Apple's "California Streaming" special event on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, two major products are expected: "iPhone 13" and "Apple Watch Series 7." There are reports that other products may be launched, or a second Fall 2021 event may be needed to launch the additional products, including MacBook Pro, 14-inch and 16-inch, and iPad and Mac Mini.

iPhone is the top driver of Apple's earnings. Hence, iPhone 13 launch will most likely impact the stock market performance. With the expected improvements and capabilities of iPhone 13, especially a faster processor, ultrafast 5G wireless connectivity, improved design and new cameras, augmented-reality and more, a large number of users, with iPhone 12 or earlier models, are expected to be ready for upgrades.

If the investors' actions align with this expectation about the users and view it  as a new opportunity,  the stock price may increase. However,  nothing may be guaranteed. In fact, following the Spring Apple event early this year, despite many capabilities and innovations, such as Silicon-powered iMac, AirTags, iPad Pro, Apple stock price significantly declined.

While the anticipation  for the  launch of a completely redesigned IPhone 13 is heating up, other news, reports and rumors are spreading,  including on the following topics:

  •  Apple's "California Streaming" event may showcase  new MacBook Pro models, with M1X chip and there are reports suggesting that orders could be placed within "several weeks" of the event
  • iPhone 13 storage may go up to 1TB, for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Apple Watch Series 7, will  feature a faster processor with improved wireless connectivity, new health monitoring capabilities, and a new chassis design with a flat-face.

  • Third generation AirPods with  new designs, will be presented.

  • Antitrust scrutiny in the U.S. and Europe for App Store policies did not impact Apple business that much.  From the recent ruling in the US in the Epic versus Apple legal battle, Apple mostly prevailed on major accounts, although Apple was ordered to allow developers to include links to alternative payment methods and purchase options in apps on the App Store.
  • New MacBook Pro and Mac Mini, that will potentially come with M1X, more ports and color options, and new chassis designs. If Apple's "California Streaming" event  includes new MacBook Pro models,  there are reports suggesting that orders could be placed within "several weeks" of the event

  • Apple Car rumors, with Ford Motor (F) having hired away the  head of the Apple car project in early September,




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