AroniSmart™ Tech: Race for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Among Big Tech Companies, including Apple. But What is AI?

AroniSmart™ Tech: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Apple, Inc is ready for Artificial Intelligence.  Its technology focus has shifted from Machine Learning to  Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). Apple's focus was uncovered when it announced the plan to hire engineers with a background or interest in Generative AI. Generative AI  will help Apple to shape its strategy, advance its plan,  achieve the goals, and reach the vision  in  AI.  The success in Generative AI will help Apple to deal with the "AI race"  on which other tech companies are competing on. 

But, what is  really Artificial Intelligence (AI)?  Let us look at its structure, types, functionalities, domains, focus, and stages,  below....

AroniSmart Team has been  developing and using tools with AI capabilities. These tools, available on Apple's App Store, are AroniSmartIntelligence (aka AroniSmartLytics) and AroniSmartInvest. 



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AroniSmartIntelligence, the leading tool for Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning & Data Science

Statisticians, Data Scientists, Business and Financial Analysts,  Savvy Investors, Engineers, Researchers,  Students, Teachers, Economists, Political Analysts,  and most of  the practitioners use Advanced Analytics to answer questions, to support informed  decision making or to learn.

AroniSmartIntelligence™ is a leading Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Data Science tool, with optimized cutting edge Statistics models, Econometrics, Big Data and Text Analytics.

AronismartIntelligence™ includes modules covering Machine Learning,  Big Data mining, Bayesian Statistics, Neural Network Models, Unstructured Text Analysis, Sentiment and Emotion Analytics,  and other advanced analytics.

 Artificial Intelligence is More than Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad concept of using a Machine to carry on  tasks that would be considered "Smart".  From a general belief, AI is hence the process of building intelligent machines from large volumes of data, usually Big Data, with the systems continually learning from past learnings, and knowledge and experiences and hence, being able to perform humanlike tasks or even, in the future outperform human. 
Using the big data, AI leverages complex algorithms and methods, to support decision making or develop systems and machines that can make decisions on their own, like humans. 

However, Artificial Intelligence is more than that.

Hence, AroniSmart™ Team has put together a visual summary of what AI is looking at various dimensions, including Functionalities, Types of Learning  Branches, Domains and Focus.
The summary is in the concept map below.

AroniSmart AI Struct Map May 21 2023.640 480

Figure -  AroniSmart Artificial Intelligence Concept Map: structure, types, functionalities, domains, focus, and stages.


So far, the AroniSoft™ tools developed by AroniSmart™ team have focused on Predictive AI
In fact,  AroniSmart™ team, leveraging Machine Learning,  Natural Language Processing (NLP),  Applied Parametrics and Non-Parametric Statistics, Decision Trees,  Data Science, Text and Sentiment Analysis, Neural Networks,  Econometrics and Time Series capabilities and Dominance Analysis of AroniSmartInvest ™ and AroniSmartIntelligence™,  has been publishing  insights from analytics. 

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